Nice and interesting dishes! Atmosphere is chill and laid back too!

Absolutely love the burrata pasta here!! The cheese, pesto and tomato blend is amazing.

The restaurant is pretty packed too! Better to reserve in advance

Cute and cosy corner Cafe in the CBD!

Lattes not available for the 1 for 1 anymore

We really liked the prawn bestador! Never tried this before and the taste was great! Worth it with Burpple beyond.

Went on a Sunday night, the restaurant was full, took abt 15 mins to get a table, and get our orders taken. Staff was nice to tell us that it would be a 15 mins wait for our orders. But waited another half hr or more for our food to be served.

The beef rendang is not bad, but portion is quite small. Worth it with Burpple beyond

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The decor is beautiful! And very chill atmosphere. The quiche was really good!

Eng Kee (Commonwealth branch) has always been considered one of the best fried chicken wings in Singapore and having tried the chicken wings again recently, the standard remained so consistently good. Each piece of fried chicken wing was so juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside; super addictive! (P.S. skip the average tasting bee hoon, just head straight for the wings will do)

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