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SG Cheap & Good Eats ($10 & Below / Pax)

SG Cheap & Good Eats ($10 & Below / Pax)

Cheap & good food finds (Mostly from hawker centres, food courts or coffeeshops) in Singapore.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim
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The soup is the star of this dish; so rich and flavourful, i could taste the sweetness from the prawn stock. The pork ribs were very good too; so tender and the meat could be pulled apart easily. One of the array of food stalls that you got to try at Hong Lim Complex Food Centre!


Their signature dish is the claypot sesame chicken, along with other choices of claypot delights that will surely leave your tummies very satisfied.
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Hidden in the basement of Golden Mile Tower is King of Fried Rice, a humble eatery that specialises in fried rice. They serve 4 different versions of fried rice here (Mala, X.O, Tom Yum & Egg) with your choice of meats (Pork Cutlet, Shrimp or Chicken Drumstick).

The fried rice was excellent, very flavourful with a good wok hei taste to it while the pork cutlet was delicious as well, so juicy and tender!

With a name like King of Fried Rice, they certainly delivered and i’ll definitely be back real soon to try the other versions of fried rice.


Saw Dex’s post on the salt baked chicken here and decided to try this out myself.

The chicken thigh was indeed tender and smooth with the rice soaking up all the juices from the chicken; the chicken went very well with the savoury sauce provided too. I also added eggs for an additional $1.80 to make the pic look more instagrammable. 😂

Will be back to try the signature abalone noodles next.


I’m usually more partial towards the wetter style of fried hokkien prawn noodles, but the drier style served at this stall is an exception.

The ‘mee’ (a mix of yellow noodles and bee hoon) here may look dry on the outside but once you’ve tasted it, you would realise that the flavours of the prawn stock and pork had already been absorbed wonderfully and together with that wok hei, what you will get is a fried hokkien prawn noodles full of flavour and smokiness that i personally rate as one of the best i’ve tried so far.


Roast Paradise has opened a branch at Tampines Mall’s Kopitiam and i checked them out while i was in the area.

Ordered the two meat platter (char siew & siew yoke) with mee pok and i’m glad to say that the standard is good. Char siew was nicely caramelised and meat was tender while the roast pork had crispy crackling skin atop the succulent meat. The mee pok was also springy and tasty as well.

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If you fancy a bowl of Bedok style soupy Bak Chor Mee in the CBD area, look no further than this stall. Located in a Coffeeshop at Neil Road, this stall serves only serves one dish which is the soupy Bak Chor Mee with the option of selecting mee kia, mee pok, mee tai bak, and kway teow.

I went for mee kia (which is the most popular choice according to the boss) and what i got was a comforting bowl of minced meat noodle soup with a broth that was murky, rich and flavourful.


The Simpang Bedok area is certainly a hot spot for mee pok, with at least 3 noodle stalls spotted within the same area.

I went for the stall located at Kwek Seng Huat Eating House based on a friend’s recommendation (he stays in the area and swears by this stall). They have 3 sizes ($4.50, $5.50 & $6.50), and i went for the $5.50 one as i was feeling rather hungry. I enjoyed my bowl of noodles; the mee pok was springy and did not clump up, while the chilli really hit the spot for me. The portion was generous as well; the noodles and ingredients left my tummy full and satisfied.


I used to prefer Ah Hock (red plate) over this stall when choosing fried hokkien mee at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, but lately i’ve been more inclined towards Chia Keng.

The style here is the sticky wet kind, with a flavourful wok hei taste in the noodles. With fresh prawns and super shiok sambal chilli as well, this beats Ah Hock for me.

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When you’re talking about chinese nasi lemak in Singapore, there are not many places that do it better than @ponggolnasilemak.

Yes, the pricing for their food items is certainly on the higher side, but so is the quality compared to other places (the long snaking queues are a testament to that).

The base of the dish is of course the fragrant rice ($1), and the items i usually go for are as pictured; fried chicken wings ($1.70), otah ($1.50) & long beans ($1). The fried chicken wings in particular are really good; so crispy and juicy.

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It goes without saying that the star of this dish is their signature chilli sauce that had a mildly intense yet savoury taste to it. Top that up with fresh prawns and lean cuts of pork with yellow noodles and you got yourself an enjoyable dish.


A play on the Chinese pronunciation of durian (Liu), mango (Mang) and ice (Bing), this gangster Ice dessert is a crowd favourite at Jin Jin Dessert located at ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre.

The combination of Mao Shan Wang durian purée and sweet mango cubes sitting atop shaved ice drowned in evaporated milk is simply irresistible!


Always on the lookout for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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