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Ordered the chicken thigh, Japanese bean sprouts, sautéed mushrooms and broccoli and cauliflower stir fry.
So yummy. Seems a little pricey but good value for money, and the Japanese green tea is pretty delicious too.

Used the entertainer for 1 for 1, would pay full price though. Don't order too much carbohydrates- I made the mistake of ordering a garlic rice, cold ramen and beef soba, all of which came in full portions. Excellent garlic rice, yakitori, tori kaarage. I didn't like the beef and salmon in special sauce though.

Wintermelon shaved ice (so smooth) with aiyu jelly, pudding and grass jelly.
Halfway through I didn't know what I was eating but it was surprisingly good anyway. The grass jelly is delicious.

Full of crab meat. Not traditional aglio olio but it's tasty. $21 for home made pasta.

Calamari was served slightly rubbery. Bacon and mushroom pasta in olive oil was so, so flavorful and delicious.


Ordered the grilled chicken risotto and pizza. The risotto was alright, and the pizza excellent. We used the entertainer app for 1 for 1 main course.

$32++ for lunch buffet. Staff were extremely attentive, food was very fresh and carefully prepared. A real delight

Always delicious, but not very consistent. Sometimes there's a lot of meat, and sometimes there's very little. Sometimes the egg is perfectly soft-boiled, but sometimes the egg is hard. Sometimes the soup is perfect, today it was unusually thick.


Tender, crispy, well-seasoned pork chop over a plate of fried rice.


$15 for a set. Seems a bit pricey but probably alright for organic food, and there was a great ambience in the cafe.

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Pancetta ham, asparagus, mushroom and cream sauce ($7.90). Fresh tasting, but got a bit boring after a mouthful.

$10.90 for a set including bean curd strips and Thai milk tea. Great value, if you like lamian.

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