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Their charcoal grilled milk loaves are the highlight of this dish which adds a hint of sweet to the mainly savoury scrambled egg and pork cutlet wedged between it. The black tea was a tad on the sweet side for me, but definitely steeped with tea flavour. Would return to try their special pork patty (which sold out) and if the queue isn’t crazy long.

Vanilla choc chip ice blended served with a waffle crisp. Reminds me of those traditional cookies and cream ice cream flavour.

Been running on lots of caffeine these few days and this Kopi O flavoured Pocky is definitely a great pick me up snack. Loving how it isn’t super sweet, and still embody the lingering taste of kopi.

The matcha flavour did not get lost even after dissolving the Milo (Although I prefer directly licking up the Milo powder). Soba salad ($13.50) was yummy with lots of cheery coloured vegetables served with chicken breast and chilled soba with a tinge of lemongrass dressings though a tad overpriced.


🔸The coffee pork ribs ($15) looks really nice and tender but we did wished the coffee flavour could come out more. .
🔸Pig stomach soup ($17) was peppery and definitely didn’t have the strong smell of innards. .
🔶Ended off with another must have- their homemade Tau Suan ($2.80) which is cooked fresh upon order. .
Homely, delicious local food, despite the really Ang moh sounding French name.

Absolutely delicious ice cream made from freshly harvested mint leaves, valrhona choc pearls for crunch and stracciatella. Feels like an upgraded mint and choc chip ice cream! ($5 per scoop)