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Fried Porridge The aroma of pork lard, green onions and the broth of the porridge blew us away! Every spoonful of the porridge was an adventure for our taste buds - first, the crunch of the pork lard, then the flavour explosion of the pork lard and garnishes and the porridge itself. The porridge is reminiscent of glutinous rice, it’s thick but yet not too overwhelmingly thick to the extent that you’ll get sick of it that easily. Definitely a new experience and will be back for more! And to try the beehoon and KL mee
They're not called Dynasty Fried Porridge (皇庭炒粥) for nothing. Here's their signature dish served in a clay pot and is available in small or big size only. The porridge is fried in a wok before scooping into a clay pot. One glance and there's a lot of Liao on top. Very evidently on top are the fried shallots, leek and pork lard providing a crunch in every bite. There's also slices of meat, shrimp, squid and taro found inside. One would assume the porridge to be quite salty from the colour of the porridge but the taste is surprisingly not salty but quite well-balanced I feel. Don't need to add additional seasoning already. Very tasty and fragrant! Recommended!
How do I love thee? Before I start testifying my love for this divine noodle dish, let me first clarify I have no wish to start a food fight or whatever. Singapore, Penang or KL - I love them all! For you see, depending on which part of the peninsula you’re at, Hokkien mee can mean a very different dish to different people. While the Penang and Singapore versions use egg noodles or rice vermicelli, the KL Hokkien mee I love uses thick, fat yellow noodles known — no surprise here — as Hokkien noodles. The northern and southern varieties are untouched by even a single lick of dark soy sauce; the KL version is properly drowning in the stuff. Needless to say, this KL Hokkien mee was full of smoky goodness, the glossy sauce-coated noodles are chewy and downright delicious to the last slurp! A generous topping of heart-stopping crunchy lard bits are mixed into this orgy of decadence, making it the perfect dish of sheer indulgence! 🗒 Dynasty KL Fried Hokkien Mee, Small ($6.00)
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Xiao Jun Gan Chuan Chuan Xiang 小郡肝串串香 Steamboat Buffet [$25.80+/pax on Fri to Sun] Back again at the steamboat lane in Bugis 😂 We were here on an early weekend afternoon and Xiao Jun Gan Chuan Chuan Xiang is one of the few that opens earlier. The $ per pax doesn’t include drinks (there’s lots of watermelon to help quench your thirst), but is inclusive of the soup base which many of the other places down the lane charge separately for. We had the Yuan Yang option of ma la and herbal soup. Both were flavourful and not too salty that makes you thirsty. Was looking forward to the skewers, but unfortunately, the majority of them were beef which we don’t take. Those we could have, the chicken wings and chicken, were marinated pretty well with a good rub of spices. Thankfully, they had quite a big range of fresh ingredients including crabs and a variety of clams, so it wasn’t too big of a problem! Make sure to also give their appetisers of liang pi and century egg tofu a try too as they were done very nicely. Liked that the space was airy and cooling with a strong enough air conditioning!
Wei Zhi
Awesome And Affordable Ma La Lok Lok Hotpot Buffet!! Visited Xiao Jun Gan for a late dinner/supper at 10pm and it was pretty crowded on a Friday night! There are issues parking around the Beach Road eateries as it’s quite hard to find a parking lot so we ended up parking at Shaw Tower and walking across the street. Xiao Jun Gan offers hotpot buffets for $25.90++, and $27.90++ on Friday, and weekends. We went for the yuan yang double broth - and the server recommended their signature ma la broth with the clear soup. This was a great recommendation. I loved the fiery heat and tingling numbness of the ma la broth which was just right. Not as numbing as HDL’s but this one was actually possible to drink (somewhat)! I especially enjoyed dipping the you tiao lok lok and fried mini mantous into this broth as they soaked up the ma la goodness! The clear soup was a good complement to the ma la broth as it was light, but the flavours started to get more pronounced as it boiled longer and we had a super flavourful broth by the middle of our meal. The selection of ingredients is good too - from a variety of veggies, fishcakes and marinated meats on skewers, to the MLXG/YTF-esque style ingredients where you ‘kiap’ your own veg, meat, seafood, tofu and more. They have fish roe filled tofu and fishcake available- yay! What impressed me was the seafood selection of scallops, crabs, prawns, and they even had octopus too!!!! While you’re waiting for your ingredients to cook (which admittedly doesn’t take long), there’s appetisers that you can opt for. There’s sour and spicy chilled silken tofu and dou Gan which tasted great! There’s also fried mini mantous and watermelon and pineapples. This section doesn’t get refilled so often unlike the hotpot ingredients though. The seasoning section is not bad, not as comprehensive as HDL but I’m happy as long as there’s chilli, sesame paste and peanuts. There’s also apparently a can of special oil that they leave at your table which you can mix in with the condiments at an extra cost but we didn’t go for that this round. Note that the pot is quite shallow so sometimes the ingredients on skewers don’t get fully submerged, especially when the soup has evaporated. But the staff are quite attentive and come refill the soups often. An extra plus is that the boss is super friendly and attentive. He’s on the ground helping out the rest of the staff to clear plates, refill soup broths, checking if the diners need anything, etc. He also told us that the ma la broth is customisable so we can make it more or less spicy/numbing. They also have an ala carte MLXG available - which we might just come and try next time! This is definitely a place I would return to, and it’s a great supper place that opens till 7am! Whoop!
🎉$0.50 Lok Lok & 50% OFF Mala Butter Hotpot?! Take pleasure in choosing endless treasures of seafood, vegetables & meat to add to your hotpot here at the newly opened China’s Famous Skewer Hotpot Restaurant @xiao_jun_gan at 101 Beach Road (opp Bugis Junction). . Add fire to fire with their mala chicken wings to mala spare ribs, or gorge down the lovely pork belly w/ enoki mushrooms, recommended cuttlefish, prawns & scallops, along with many other usual suspects! Though don’t be surprised to find exotic ingredients for a hotpot truth or dare session with their pig brain, tripe, beef tongue and intestines 😆 . More premium ingredients at $3, $5, $6, $8 a plate (colour-coded) - selection includes sliced pork belly, smoked duck breast, beancurd rolls, homemade fish/prawn paste w/ goji berries & more! ✨50% OFF ALL DISHES valid till 14 Jan 2019! . Soup selection includes: • Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot With Butter ($15) • Tomato Soup Hot Pot ($12) • Rejuvenating Mushroom Soup Hot Pot ($12) • Nourishing Pork Bone Soup Hot Pot ($12) . Psst! They’re open 24 hours (Jan 2019)✌🏻
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Lok Lok Buffet Dinner @ $27 😀 5 Choices of Soup Base & unlimited servings of lok lok either steamboat, deep fried or BBQ 😘 The laksa soup base is our favorite 😋 9 condiments to go with the food & the special lok lok chilli sauce is my choice 😀 Free flow drinks (lime juice & water chestnut), fruits & 8 flavors of ice cream to indulge in 😍 A good 1st time experience for us but will not really return as it was simply too sweaty & hot to eat these lok lok at a non-air conditioned open area 😅 #burpple
[Zaolek Lok Lok] All-you-can-eat deep-fried skewers sprinkled with a tasty seasoning powder. The batter coating was light and didn't feel overly greasy when bitten into. Very crispy, crunchy and most importantly, fresh. I totally loved the seaweed chicken, ham enoki rolls, prawn rolls, green beans, oyster mushrooms and mantou. Besides fried lok lok, we can also enjoy steamboat lok lok & BBQ lok lok at the same time. Pretty decent selection of dipping sauces - there are 9 types which include Tom Yum, Chilli Crab and Hainanese Chilli. Location: Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club Opening hours: 5.30pm to 11.30pm (Wed-Mon, Closed on Tue) Prices S$24nett/adult (Mon-Thu) S$27nett/adult (Fri-Sun, PH & Eve of PH) Student rate S$20nett (Mon-Thu)
Told myself to eat cleaner today to negate the effects of the fried chickens I ate in the past week, but my diet plans failed yet again. . LOK LOK BUFFET for dinner with the family! You get to choose two soup bases (top up for peanut sauce pot). You can also choose to grill or deep fry your food. We unanimously agree that the DEEP FRIED YAM is the best!
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Premium Omakase (16-course) [$98] Premium Omakase comprises: 2 appetizers 1 vegetable 9 sushi + oyster 1 handroll Mini uni Rice bowl Soup of the day Dessert The restaurant started out with 20 courses for the premium Omakase but they have now cut down to 16 course (maintained at the same price). Menu has not been updated on chope or the restaurant website. Felt a little misinformed upon finding out when I arrived. They used to include 3 sashimi and 10 sushi instead of 9 now. Proceeded with dinner nevertheless. Overall, was not too impressed. The appetizers were onsen egg and seasoned scallops, followed by spinach for the vegetable. Didn’t feel like these items can be classified as premium. Some hits and misses for the sushis too. For this price point I must say I’ve had better and this experience was just disappointing to say the least. The restaurant is cosy and can only accommodate about 20 max. Perhaps better to come for lunch where you can get decent Chirashi dons! The 9 sushi: 1. Flounder edge 2. Squid 3. Flounder 4. Yellow tail 5. Scallop 6. Hiroshima oyster with yuzu jelly and ponzu sauce 7. Shima aji 8. Aka ebi 9. Golden eye snapper 10. Tuna with yuzu zest (Akami) Handroll - unagi The uni Rice bowl is pretty good with uni blended into the rice then topped with fresh uni. Soup of the day: Miso soup (not pictured) Desert: scoop of sesame ice cream in a cone
Soft Clams Sushi The ingredients used here are fresh, but what was worth mentioning is the pairing of rice crackers, which gave the sushi an interesting crunch to it. There was also a very light yuzu scent that came along, presumably from the sushi rice.
Fresh Botan With Uni Yumm just thinking about the fresh botan and delicious uni. Entire course was gooood
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Reasonable Price and Lots Of Variety - 烤面包,烤馒头 - 羊肉串 - 牛心管: been really missing this! Must order! - 牛板筋 - 烤肥肠:Clean and flavourful! Must order! - 烤多春鱼: Must order! - 烤大虾 - 烤蘑菇 - 烤鱿鱼须:must order if you like squid! - 鸡肉串 - 酸梅汤 🤩Overall rating: 7/10
Assorted Meats, Seafood And Vegetables BBQ Box has opened its 3rd outlet at 2 South Bridge Road S(058811). For those craving for some spiced and barbecued food, you will be spoilt for choice as the extensive menu offers premium seafood such as oysters, scallops, fresh prawns and squid. Besides the usuals like chicken, mutton, beef and pork meats, they also serve some gamey parts such as chicken gizzards and pig's kidneys. And mushroom lovers would be thrilled to find many types of mushrooms here. My favourite was the Grilled Bread ($1) which tasted buttery and savoury yet sweet and a little spicy. Weirdly delicious toast! 😄 Do try the Grilled Kurobuta ($8.80) that was tender and only lightly salted to retain its natural sweetness. The down side of devouring so many of these bbq sticks is that everything gradually starts to taste similar as they used the same seasoning for almost everything. Order a pot of Chinese Tea for this sodium-high meal. 😊 FYI: You don't actually barbecue your food here. They are barbecued in the kitchen and placed on the bbq box on your table to be kept warm. 😉
Assorted Skewers (~$1 - $5)
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