Guest chef special from Chef Malcolm of Candlenut fame. Came down just for this! Juicy patty and runny yolk with a very local taste. Felt the curry flavoring had a slight clash with the buak keluak though, but all in all not bad at all:) $28 for just the burger (no sides).

This place offers a large variety of flavors - from the traditional such as peanut, green bean to the less seen (pineapple, durian). I loved how soft the skin was across all the flavors I tried. Pictured here: Peanut, Coconut, Red Bean and Yam (all flavors $1.10 each).

We ordered one of everything on the menu (and felt guilty afterward when the dishes kept coming and could not fit on our table!) Standout dumplings: Smoked Duck ($8), Fried Pierogi ($8) and Spicy Sichuan ($7). The dessert dumpling sounds cooler than it tastes and the noodles to me were just alright. We had the more interesting drink choices of longan osmanthus pu-er ($6) and salted plum wolfberry pu-er ($6).

Pretty presentation and refreshing taste. Garden tea with lychee juice, raspberries and thyme infusion ($8). Also really liked their take on local favorite kaya and toast. The honey butter was so good! They also had pineapple ginger jam which was good as well. Will be back!

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Came here because I’ve seen so much of this salted egg lava prata ($6) and it was indeed a cool gimmick however found the place to be generally too overpriced. Spent $79 for 3 people when we could have had the same meal for a third of the price at a regular prata shop. Surprisingly the standout dish for me was not the pratas but the hokkien mee. Don’t think I’ll ever be back

Red bass crusted with nori and served with couscous and grilled savory cabbage ($30). Somehow the flavors all came together very well. Especially liked the cabbage which had a touch of sour to compliment the fish. Was not a fan of the white gazpacho ($8) though. A cold soup of almonds, garlic, olive oil and vinegar - though served in a shot glass, it was hard to go down.

PB&J was sold out that morning so we opted for Grilled Cheese ($10) and Fried Egg Power ($13). Loved them both! The grilled cheese contained pimento cheese which made it seem more worth getting than if say, it contained melted gourmet sliced cheese which I could possible make at home if I wasn’t lazy. Fried egg power was a burst of flavor with tater tots, bacon and of course, egg. If was a sinful mix but oh so good.

It was a truffle kind of day and we got their black truffle and fontina pizza ($36) and truffle cheeseburger. Truffle taste was subtle and not too overpowering. Lovely decor which added to the experience. Special mention to their salted caramel ice cream sundae. That burnt caramel taste was memorable!

Yummy dim sum delivered on a conveyor belt upon order? Yes please! Taste wise we didn’t really have any misses that day too. The durian black swan was really cute and I enjoyed their you tiao chee cheong fan and soup as well.

Went there for weekday buffet lunch. Not a large selection but the desserts in particular were very well done. At 50% off on Eatigo, I’ll definitely come back some off day. Peanut pancakes were also crispy and the tau kway was excellent!

Reminded me of a recreated/enhanced version of the lime/vanilla solero split popsicle of my childhood. Thin layers of butterfly pea flower ice with lightly flavored pineapple ice cream in the middle, accompanied by pineapple chunks and lemongrass ice. Pretty to look at!

A bit of old school goodness that reminds me of yester-years. Cake was soft while the kaya custard was eggy and fragrant. I know it’s probably food colouring but the light green sponge against the darker turquoise kaya custard was so pretty!