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I always come back for this exact dish at Napoleon as it never dissapoints. The beef is always tender and flavourful. The components of the dish - beef, asparagus, mushrooms, foie gras, mash potato and cognac sauce - are complementary and taste very good together.

Another thing I like about napoleon is that the chef changes his plating of the dish from time to time and I like it! It's a nice surprise and shows me how one dish can be plated beautifully in multiple ways. Nice to know that there is still room for creativity during dinner service :) The photo I posted was one of my favorite plating of the Tenderloin dish!

Napoleon also has an interesting wine vending machine concept which offers a variety of wines. While I'm not a wine drinker myself, I have seen a lot of customers enjoying their wine with their dishes. Worth a try!

While they're not bad, I was expecting better quality sandwiches, especially at $16 a pop. The sandwich at first whiff, smelled a lot like tuna. The pickles were anything but sour (I mean, that's why you pickle food right?). The coffee mustard was way too overpowering and became the main flavor of the dish. The only redeeming factor was the bread - perfectly grilled with a satisfying crunch and a soft fluffy interior.

Another thing to note was that the sandwich left me incredibly thirsty afterwards and thats usually an element I do not look for in my food. Overall, it's not a bad sandwich but it's also nothing spectacular.