I'm a big fan of tacos, and Orale does it perfectly.

I had a beef and fish taco and each one's toppings were different to adapt to their respective flavour profiles - consider me impressed.

Prices are quite affordable too, the fish taco is priced at RM8 and the beef at RM6. With self-serve free water and free flow of hot sauce and Tabasco, my entire meal was a steady RM14 with no frills.

Definitely coming back here to try out the other options.


Had a quick brunch here after a friend's recommendation and was surprised at the crowd on a Tuesday morning.

Made sense when the dim sum was served as everything was pretty solid but the highlights for me where the char siew pao (fluffy and packed), Portuguese egg tarts (divine!), and most surprisingly, the mango pudding which tasted like a gorgeous mango lassi in pudding form.

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Curee is known for Hokkaido-style soup curry, but I decided to stick to the basics for my first time here and took the basic katsu curry.

Really fragrant curry and solidly fried katsu; was really impressed and I'm very keen to come back and try something new.

Otherwise, the aesthetics of this place is amazing and I'm so keen on coming back just to relax.

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I've eaten a lot of pastries in my time, and across the world, yet Jaslyn's is still one of the best.

Will never not fall in love whenever I walk through the doors.

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A lovely spot for casual cocktails with a great selection of cakes and pastries. Would recommend the Awesome Blackout if you're into solid chocolate cakes.

It's definitely more of a cafe feel than a bar, so it's nice place to work after hours or for conversation over cafe/drinks.

Will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the food, but I've come back here often for the booze and bakes.


Inside Scoop has been my go-to ice-cream bar since its opening.

Premium ice-cream is definitely more of a guilty pleasure, especially since the price can be steep which is why I normally frequent this place since it's never failed me.

Be sure to try out the flavours but if you're looking for a recommendation, pairing a chocolate-based ice-cream with the peanut butter waffle is a match made in heaven.

If you're a sorbet person, I also adore the Ais Tingkap and Blood Orange flavours too.

Confusion hits when you order ramen, but they give you noodles and broth separately.

Turns out this is the specialty of Tsukemen ramen; where you're meant to dip each bite of (hot or cold, cold being preferred) ramen into the broth and pair it with the meat of your choice, mine being roast pork.

I wasn't too adventurous because I'm generally not the biggest ramen person but this place may make me a convert - I've not eaten much ramen, but I can tell you that this was good ramen.

Pretty excited to come back here and try out more of the menu.

Hearty Western cuisine with some Asian platters, The Embassy is a pretty solid cafe-restaurant in Starling Mall.

My table had the Pulled Beef Sandwich, a burger called The Guv, Embassy Nachos, and Nasi Lemak Kg. Pisang. Only the nachos disappointed with the lack of toppings, but the Pulled Beef Sandwich was a definite star.

I'd come back to try out their coffee selections, as well as their pasta, and maybe their buttermilk chicken burger.

Would recommend to check it out if you're in the area, but do note their longer serving times due to their 'scratch kitchen'.

Mitasu is the place to be for a solid Japanese buffet that doesn't kill your wallet while fulfilling your dreams of asking the waiter for as much sashimi as you can dream. Everything I ate was fresh and delicious. Do note that it's an ala carte buffet so plan your orders ahead in stages as it can take time to reach you, so the best way to maximise it is to order as soon as your first orders begin to arrive. Also if possible, try to sit nearer to the tea dispensers as that can be a journey.

Definitely recommend this for a simple brunch date or if you're planning on having a casual gathering with friends. Prices are slightly on the pricier end, so do take note.

This cafe is situated right beside the pool of PJ Palms Sports Centre but don't be fooled, walk inside and it is an incredibly cosy affair perfect for brunchtime conversations and small gatherings.

Their food is more of a Western fare and I mainly tried out their (all-day!) breakfast menu. They also feature yuzu in some of their sodas and teas, so that was a pleasant sight.

Loved my cold chicken sandwich which surprised me with a layer of kimchi which paired brilliantly with the avocado and chicken mayo. My friend found his big breakfast platter to be hearty and had no complaints either.

Heard brilliant things about the French & Shibuya toast as well as the pancakes here, so I'm keen to come back and try those out soon.

Coley's is an incredibly cosy affair, with a brilliant selection of cocktails worth exploring.

Their cocktails range from the standard classics to alcoholic twists on local delights (I saw a Sirap Bandung drink) to incredibly curious yet brilliant concoctions such as Whiskey Bubble Tea and their PB&J cocktail.

This place is small and is normally quite packed, so it's best to go in smaller groups of 2-4.

Prices are reasonable for the quality of the cocktails, but definitely on the steeper side - I'd really recommend this place for a fun night out of cocktail exploration and the overall cosy ambience.


Been to Super Boring Club twice in two weeks and it's clear that this buzzing Korean-Japanese hub has easily become one of my favourite restaurants.

Recommended Menu Options: The BBQ Combo Platter 2 or 3 (depending on your party size), Miso Grilled Eggplant

Cocktails here are great as well, and although my current favourite is the Yuze Sake cocktail, I'm excited to explore other recommendations such as the Suntory Lover!