Salmon was pretty good for both dishes - pasta sauce was a bit heavy for me; the grilled salmon dish was better. Price-wise: worth it with burpple, otherwise it’s pricey for smth you can probably cook at home yourself for a fraction of the price.

Unobtrusively housed within a digital hardware shop, we almost couldn’t find the place at first. Burpple deals here allow choice of different acai bowl sizes which is great if you only want a light snack. Acai was rather bland imo tho toppings were quite generous. We had the Supermodel and Cookie Monster and Mochas (a lil too sweet as a spoonful of sugar was also added in by the barista). Service was good; barista was friendly and took the time to explain his recommendations to us.


Tried the beef bulgogi bowls - give them a good shake to mix the sauce well and you’ll have a tasty and filling meal. Beef was flavored nicely and wasn’t spicy. Added chickpeas for some extra texture.

Had the melon and original flavors using burpple! Preferred the melon which had actual melon bits in it but both melted pretty fast despite the cool rainy weather.

$59++ for the Burpple dinner set! Portion size was generous for the most part with two sizeable oysters each, a small salad, a rice bowl and some thinly sliced scallops. The sukiyaki beef was a little fatty and sweet for my taste and could have been sliced into smaller pieces to make it more palatable and easier to eat. Otherwise, it was a pretty satisfying meal!

Used burpple’s one for one discount for this Unagi bowl and BBQ pork bowl. Paid $15.90 in total. Food took awhile to arrive but was fairly decent for the price paid.

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Used burpple’s one-for-one deal on the frozen s’mores (usual price $9 for one). Pretty interesting texture with the scorched marshmallow outer layer and the frozen dark chocolate ice cream inner layer. As you’re biting into the crust, there’s also a layer of chocolate atop so it’s one mouthful of chocolatey decadence. Portion looked small initially but as we worked our way through it, it started to feel a bit too rich and for some, might be a little ‘jelat’. The hot chocolate might be a better option for those without a sweet tooth - it’s very rich as well but isn’t as sweet as the s’mores. Will probably redeem the hot chocolate deal next time instead.

Went to the Raffles Place outlet for lunch and the food was pretty good so, decided to go to the Suntec outlet to try it out for dinner! Service was a lot faster without the CBD lunch crowd. Standard of rice bowls seems consistent - fish was fresh and portions were generous. Mentaiko sauce was generously slathered all over too. 👍🏻

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Waited pretty long for the food to arrive but it was worth the wait! Sashimi was fresh and mentai prawn was really delicious! Very filling as well (both of us girls couldn’t finish the rice). Overall a good deal which I’ll probably use again!


Pretty good deal with one for one! Only $9/bowl and it tastes better than Wheat’s salmon bowl! Salmon skin was crispy as well - super yummy!

Great for family dinners! Tze char dishes were on point, dim sum was very creative as well (pig dim sum was really a salted egg yolk bun that was pretty well done). Price was a little high but I suppose that’s to be expected for restaurant standards. Desserts can be given a miss though- the avocado dessert we had tasted very strange and a little like rubber.

Really love the food here. Warabi mochi was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and Matcha pudding was really wobbly and creamy. Prices are high and portions are small but it’s so worth it for such high quality desserts...

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