One of my fave vegan dinner spots - the fried dumplings are always a must-order. Good for sharing and doesn’t feel as sinful for some reason! Be prepared for a long waiting time though...

Really love the porridge from Mr Bean! The texture is smooth and creamy (apparently they boil the grains in soy milk?) and every bowl is so flavorful! Tofu portion is very generous as well.

Had the Belgian chocolate ice cream and a brownie to accompany it. Ice cream was really delicious and had Belgian choc bits in it but the brownie was a little bit of a disappointment - was too soft and didn’t taste ‘fudge-y’ enough. Will just get the ice cream next time!

Excellent smoky flavor though price point was a little high. Not really substantial for dinner...

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Healthy rice bowl with onsen egg, edamame, corn, cauliflower. The chicken was surprisingly tender and there were red rice grains too. Felt really nutritious and was pretty filling!

$17+ each - soufflé was airy and light enough such that the rice and noodles didn’t feel too heavy. Loved the tomato cream sauce which didn’t feel cloying at all!

$70+ for five dishes and drinks for 2! Ordered the prawn paste rolls, salted egg yolk ribs, yangzhou fried rice, handmade tofu and crabmeat broth. Food was pretty tasty - really liked the tofu and ribs! A tad pricier than kopitiam Tze char but for the AC and generally more comfortable environment, it’s pretty worth it!

$4.50 for 2 with Burpple for a mini. Preferred the Biscuit flavor which tasted a little like Lotus biscuits. Froyo wasn’t too sweet and the mini size was pretty substantial!