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The Chicken Parmigiana portion is big. Can be shared by 2 persons. It is like eating a pizza without the crest. Can really taste the truffle in the truffle wedges.
The Fresh Tagliatelle is delicious. Love the salted egg sauce.
It is interesting to see the cooks preparing the dishes & salad. The services provided is good. They will serve all the food together.


Order a garlie roasted chicken & Jjimda non-spicy chicken. The portion is big. More than 4 people can share. The garlie roasted chicken is so flavorful. Both are simply delicious. Keep coming back for more.

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They are very generous with the cheese & meat. If you do not take beef, can request not to have any beef & they replace the meatball with more pork.
The long pasta is very springy & the sauce is very good. Go very well with the pasta.

The soy pork stew is good. I keep coming back for more. Service is good too