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🎶It’s getting’ HOT in here, so take off all your clothes~🎶 Dinner with friends = HOT pot time! ✌🏻 Inspired by @eatbooksg who ordered everything on the menu at places like Shake Shake, A&W & The Alley (honestly we were just being gluttons 🐷🐷🐷), we ordered almost everything on the menu of @upinhotpot. 😂 After hours of feasting (& we did a decent job in finishing most of the food, it cost us $50 per pax (for 6 ppl), which I felt was very reasonable! 👌🏻 [NOT SPONSORED!] . We ordered the dual yuan-yang pot with their signature Tomato Soup 🍅 & Butter Soup (essentially Spicy Mala Soup 🌶 with blocks of butter!) for $18++. Honestly speaking, it was extremely intimidating looking at the amount of butter (& dried chillies)  floating atop at the start 😱 - I could already feel my arteries choking up. But as they melted, the fragrance of the butter enhanced the soup base, which became a faint aroma especially after topping up soup. 🥣 . We ploughed through the wide range of food items they offered & was delighted with the variety. 😍😍😍 Meats (prime beef $15 🥩, black pork $12 🐷, pork belly $8, mutton slices $10 🐑) were tender with no gamey taste, mash shrimp paste $12 🦐 was fresh, meatballs (we had cheese beef balls $12, mushroom meatballs $8, handmade pork balls $8, sweet corn pork balls $8) were firm yet bouncy. 💕 . It was Fear Factor (Upin edition) 😱😱😱 with exotic items like Beef tripe ($12) & Swine throat ($12) but these were 2 items that we wouldn’t recommend as they were too tough. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Pig’s Stomach ($10) & pork liver ($6) were alright though! 👌🏻 . Not only was it a gastronomical experience, it was also a cultural one - there was Sze-Chuan 变脸 (face-changing) performance 💯, as well as Dancing Noodles performance, just like at Hai Di Lao. 😊 . Will we return? The answer is Yes! ✔ Mental note: do not over-order next time!
Decent Hotpot Good For Groups Portion here is huge. They do not have half portion so it will be better to come in a group so that you can try more! Pales in comparison to BIAP and Haidilao but overall still decent. Service was good. Allowed us to cancel the dishes after ordering.
Upin Hotpot ($16 For 3 Bases) 🌶 Situated at Clarke Quay Central & Orchard Gateway, Upin Hotpot is a rival of the famous HDL, but in a pocket-friendly way. They have popular soup bases such as mala and tomato soup, which is cooked daily to ensure its freshness and standards. You’d be able to find the typical favourites such as shrimp paste ($12), Fried Beancurd Skin ($6) & the usual meaty suspects, Pork Belly ($8) & US Beef Slices ($12). Portions all come in full sizes as half sizes are not available (yet), but still remains fairly affordable at <$30 a pax, ensuring that you’re filled to the brim.
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