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Thick in flavour, crunchy & chewy in texture. Please try!

I like the truffle cheese fries more than the cheese fries. Cheese fries was too ‘jelat’. It’s good for sharing, i doubt you can finish it all by your own if you’re having other dishes too..

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New burger joint in town! Tbh, I was abit skeptical at first but wow the buns got me in it. It’s so soft and to my liking. Bulgogi burger was unique and great, better than the cheese burger. Maybe because there are too many other competitors for good cheese burgers. Love that they also serve mustard as one of the condiments.

I’ve always been a fan of Hototogishu ramen ever since it first opened at CHIJMES. Oyster broth never disappoints. Both a treat and a comfort food.

One of the better ribeye around. Medium well. Tender and juicy.

Sweet and savoury Thai BBQ chicken.

One of the better Thai restaurants specialising in northern Thai cuisines. Deep fried pork belly well done, and kudos to the yummy chilli.

One of my fav Indonesian restaurants, serving pretty authentic dishes and amazing chillis.

Berry yogurt topped the list among the 3 flavours.
Chocolate was okay. Coconut was a little too milky even though it is supposed to be a sorbet.

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This xo carrot cake used to be alot better. Do ask them to fry it a little more crispy.

The scallop top siumai add a nice flavour compared to the usual version. Worth a try.