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Juicy Beyond Burger patty in a soft bun with tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions with a nice crunchy texture from the grill. Good portion of fries and some mixed greens on the side. Nice place, good ambience, worth coming back for another date night.

Juicy Portobello mushroom breaded and fried, served with a generous portion of skin-on fries. Very tasty and the texture is nice, the mushroom has some bite to it and not too soft which is good. Price is reasonable but moreso because of Burpple Beyond!

Vegetarian food so good, had to come over twice in three days. Two juicy cheeseburgers, with caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato with a side of truffle fries for 21 dollars with the Beyond 1 for 1. Added the kale salad which was a nice mix of kale, roast pumpkin and, quinoa and lentils to complete the meal. Happy Sunday post-workout treat!

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Came with the girlfriend for Wednesday date night, armed with Burpple Beyond's 1 for 1. She had the Angus Burger while I took the vegetarian option. The Falafel Burger was delicious, with the hummus sauce complementing the patty well. It also came with a hefty serving of fries. Would definitely be back!