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One of my favourite salads with torched mentai salom, edamame, broccoli and beetroot hummus. 25% off with entertainer, worth it!

This place is actually so new that it doesn't exist on Google Maps! It's actually called Three Bowls and you can pick a protein and 4 vegetables with one dressing and free toppings such as ikan bilis, fried onion for 6. 80. Definitely worth it.

Definitely worth it at 9.90 (or cheaper with FavePay). My go to post gym meal! Love the service by the cute uncle and great fresh food.

Expected really good service as this is the sister restaurant of Ola Cocina Del Mar from MBFC. However, was vastly disappointed by the service. Was only told it was either between Happy Hour or One Burpple Beyond deal after placing our order for two beers. Service staff also cleared the plates fast and kept asking if we were done which is one of my major pet peeves. For 80 dollars, I'll rather stick to Ola Cocina.

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Decent dons with Burpple Beyond. The set came with drumlets, green tea and miso soup

Absolute Value for Money and smooth porridge with generous amount of chicken. I got the chicken porridge for takeaway with an additional egg at $3.70!

Tried their fatty tuna, sashimi, salmon with cheese, sea urchin sushi and chicken karaage. Sea urchin was bad.

Surprisingly, the winner was the chicken karage. We reached at 1150, so queued for less than 5 minutes. But I wouldn't queue for this.

Got this for takeaway with Mealpal for under 7.90! Healthy eats to compensate for the sinning.

Favorite Yong Tau Foo from Lucky Plaza!
As great as ever, my favourites are the mushrooms and meatballs. This meal will always be a 10/10 for me.

Having searched around for months for the perfect chilli pan mee after my last trip to KL, this is very close to the ones I've had in KL. Love how you can customise the spice level based on your tolerance. Will rate 9/10.

Fantastic pork belly satay withe right amount of caramelisation, portion of belly fat and meat. Will give it a 8/10. Satay sauce can be better.

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They were crispy, buttery and garlicky. I will order this and one of their soups on my next visit! #burnttoast #garlictoast#venuebysebastian #ouedowntown #shentonway #burpple #burpplesg #sgig #sg