A Stellar Example of Hawkerpreneurship I’m a big fan of cendol and it’s hard to find a good version in Singapore. More often than not, the worm-like pandan jelly is frozen and makes one of my favourite desserts rather unsatisfying. Old Amoy Chendol does an extremely good version for $2 and is a stellar example of hawkerpreneurship. Gula melaka from Sarawak and cold-pressed coconut milk (not single origin I think). The worm-like pandan jelly here is made fresh by hand and the pandan flavour is extracted from the leaves. Hence the shape is pretty uneven. The beans here are soft and sweet as azuki beans are used instead. For someone who doesn’t like beans in their cendol, I felt the beans were a perfect accompaniment. The freshness of the coconut milk, the fineness of the ice and the not so sweet taste of the gula melaka makes it a refreshing rendition. I had it twice in the same week because it was worth every single calorie.
Perfect On A Hot Day Everything in this bowl is painstakingly handmade including the gula Melaka!
Really Liked The Chendol! Saw this on a YouTube video awhile back and it looked so gooooood..... Old Amoy Chendol (~$2) really was packed with flavour, with different components adding different dimensions to the entire thing!😍 . Pandan worm jelly had a very strong Pandan flavour, azuki beans were really fresh and filling 😋 I liked how the portions of all the ingredients (gula melaka, coconut milk) were not skimped bc of the price 🥥 Ig @goodfomood
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The Best Thing I Had Here Was The Mentaiko Onigiri Decent grilled food but in my humble opinion, this place pales somewhat to other yakitori places in Singapore like Nanbantei and the chicken specialist, Shirokane Toritama at Robertson Quay. Oddly enough, the item that left the deepest impression on me amongst all we ordered was the Mentaiko Onigiri. It was huge and the salted cod roe was plentiful. The unusual ratio of mentaiko to rice made it a lot more flavourful albeit rather salty but I liked it very much.
Skewers, Sake & Sapporo Not just skewered toward meat lovers, Yakitori Uma’s Ren-kon (Deep-fried Lotus root) and Tamafura (Fried Onion) comes highly recommended by many of Burpple Tastemakers and now after trying, I too would suggest ordering both ($4.90/each). Super crunchy and very addictive, the thinly battered lotus root was my favourite. Because fried to perfection, the crisp-fibrous texture really stood out for me whereas the usual starchiness and slight stickiness of the lotus root that most dislike were less prominent. The Tamafura too, were well-executed. Sweet, juicy and fried to a lovely golden-brown; the drool-inducing panko coating was a great contrast to the soft interior. Simple and satisfying! But dip with caution, as the mustard sauce was pretty potent. Not wanting to mask the natural flavours of the ingredient, I would skip the dips.
Don't underestimate these deep-fried veggies Coated in a thin, crunchy, golden batter, this simple dish of Ren-kon and Tamafura (deep-fried lotus root and onion rings) stole my heart. Great batter aside - and that's half the battle won, mind you - I loved how earthy and sweet the root vegetables were, holding firm on their own and shining through that batter. The lotus root for one still retained a kinda muted crunch, cooked al dente if you would call it such; and the onion - oh-so-moist, sweet, and just melting in your mouth.
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For a Michelin-starred Experience Treat your tastebuds to a trip around the world when you come for Chef Ivan Brehm's "crossroads cuisine" cooking. The Chef's Tasting menu ($180, add $120 for wine pairing and $125 for sake pairing) is a 10 Course gastronomical journey that will take you from Hokkaido scallop tartare with toasted coconut and caviar, to poached Alaskan king crab in a black pepper and Tahitian vanilla sauce, to a bright and bold Saffron Fish. You'll end the meal on a sweet note with a unique Chinese liquorice and violet flower parfait. Photo by Burppler Victoria Hii
5 Course Lunch ($108++) It's been a while since I've really fallen in love with any restaurant but I think Nouri comes close. I first enjoyed Chef Ivan Brehm's cooking at Bacchanalia, but now without having to be restricted to a fixed genre he creates magic with his "crossroads cuisine". Expect big bold flavours, balanced by skilful use of herbs and acid. For my 5 course tasting menu (lunch), the first 3 courses were seafood based (hirame ceviche, carabinero prawn, acaraje fritter on crabmeat) , and the main was a meat (wagyu beef). I actually enjoyed the seafood more but that's personal preference. If you found odette rather meh like I did, come here instead. . Service is relaxed and friendly (vs. stuffy and formal) the way I like it, but not as professional as other starred restaurants, Eg. sommelier didn't come over to discuss wine choice despite our server asking him to, very slow to top up wine, bill somewhat rudely presented before we asked for it. . 💡i chose the $108 menu as the main for that day was wagyu beef rather than normal tenderloin in the $88 menu. Just ask your server for the difference (menu varies seasonally).
Liquorice and Violet Available on the 7 course chef tasting menu. Ended the meal on a sweet note with this violet flower parfait spiked with Chinese liqourice sandwiched between two circular love letters combined with pickled lemon, then rolled in Anise powder. Really enjoyed the flavor profile from this delicate yet complex dessert!
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Quality Sushi In Quiet Corner of CBD A little splurge but quite value for money with Chope 35% discount vouchers. Food - There are cheaper lunch options, 20+ but we opted for the 8 piece sushi lunch set ($68 I think). Besides the main course (see above photo), the lunch set car with appetizers (wasabi squid, fish liver and <forgot>), unni chawamushi, ice cream. The menu has a variety of selection and is available on restaurant website. Read not-so-good reviews but our sashimi was fresh, so we love it! And they serve freshly grated wasabi! Service - 1 Service staff and 2 chefs. All were attentive and polite. Food took some time to come. Ambience - The decor is so-so and only two tables were filled during lunch. But I like it this way, else you will be forking much more for such quality sashimi/sushi. Bottom line - will be back with Chope!!!
Excellent Omakase As Always Having visited this restaurant numerous times and tried the different items on their menu, the quality of food has always been excellent. The Head Chef is very meticulous to remember what i have been served before whenever i had the omakase, and always surprises me with new dishes. Parallel to what most have mentioned, their Omakase is truly value for money for what was served. I personally feel the bang for bucks comes when you have the omakase or lunch sets. Their Ala-Carte menu can be abit pricey, likewise with every other quality Japanese Restaurant that i’ve been. I will definitely be making a return visit.
Unagi Lunch Set ($45) The lunch set comes with a salad, 3 slices of sashimi (which were pretty fresh), rice, pickles, soup & matcha ice cream. The unagi was huge! I enjoyed it, they didn’t overdo it with the sweet teriyaki sauce. The matcha ice cream was decent. I tried the yuzu ice cream (comes with the donburi set) and it was very refreshing! This was a decent meal but it didn’t really meet my expectations sadly. A bit pricey, but thankfully this restaurant is on eatigo. The chef & the service staff were very friendly though!
aggs & xi
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