The soy garlic chicken was delicious! I liked that I could taste the little bits of garlic and almond flakes in the chicken. I would recommend the honey butter chicken for those with a sweet tooth :) the peach tea with mint was refreshing and complemented the two types of chicken well.

I got the mango purple rice and strawberry lemon yo-tea. The mango purple rice drink was very unique, I’ve never tasted rice in a drink before! The thick mango drink complemented the starchy rice really well, it reminded me of Thai mango sticky rice.

The strawberry lemon yo-tea was really refreshing! I liked the combination of sweet strawberry and sour lemons, and the combination of yogurt and tea made the consistency just right and not overly thick. I will definitely get this drink again!

Got the yong tau foo with fried items. The portion for the yong tau foo was really big (6 items), and the sauce was so savoury and delicious. The ingredients were crispy and well seasoned- I loved the fried tofu skin! It also came with a small bowl of noodles in a similar sauce. Good value for money!

The ingredients were fresh, and the mala sauce was very fragrant. I would recommend getting the rice cake as its really chewy and well cooked! All in all a good bowl of mala that satisfied my mala craving.

I really loved the mentaiko fries, they were very generous with the mentaiko sauce and ebiko. The beef slices with truffle also tasted amazing! The sauce goes really well with the beef and it was very flavourful overall. Service was good as well. Will definitely be back again for a chill dinner/drinking session!

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I had a great time at Pipes by Hattendo last weekend. I loved the angel hair pasta with mentaiko, the taste of the mentaiko was infused into the pasta making every bite very flavourful! They were very generous with the fish roe as well. The lemongrass chicken wings were really unique, with sweet and sour hints. I will definitely be back again for the amazing food and great service!

Pretty affordable and conveniently located in the heartlands, but still an authentic izakaya experience! The sashimi was very fresh, and the salty mentaiko added a good contrast to the sweet tamago. The most interesting dish would have to be the dried stingray, because I’ve never tried anything like it. It was sweet and has a similar texture to dried fish. Would definitely patronise again!

This was my first time trying Russian cuisine and it was a really interesting experience! I especially liked the combo platter and I had a lot of fun trying to guess which flavour was which. The honey cake just sweet enough for my liking. Overall a unique experience, and I would recommend giving Dumplings-RU a try for those interested in Russian cuisine!

Great food and service! I really enjoyed the fritto misto (fried prawns, chicken, and calamari), it was very flavourful and a good starter to the main. The gnocchi salmone was quite heavy, so I would recommend getting a lighter side as a complement. I would definitely recommend Kucina for its authentic Italian food and nice ambience!

I really enjoyed my meal here, and I think all the dishes we ordered went quite well together, especially the grilled skewers and onigiri, both of which were quite flavourful. The tempura was good too, and I would highly recommend the crab gratin with mentaiko sauce. Overall, this is a great place to patronise with friends; the cozy atmosphere really ties everything together!

The portions were really big and the food was delicious! Highly recommend their signature ribs, because they come with additional sides. The truffle fries were really good, and complemented the ribs well. The cheesecake and ice cream tasted good together too. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here and I’ll definitely make the trip down again!

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I ordered the curry crab linguine and the chocona cake, and both dishes were really delicious. I enjoyed the curry crab linguine as it was an interesting Western and Asian fusion dish, and I’ve never had something like this before! The crab was very tender, and the curry was not overpowering at all. The chocona cake and the toppings (nuts, syrup, coconut) went really well together, and it was a good end to the meal.

Service was really good as well. I accidentally broke a glass (so sorry!) and they were really efficient in cleaning it up and making me feel at ease :) Ambience was great as well, and i would definitely bring my friends here again. I’m looking forward to more fusion food!!