The primal was very very good, loved the huge chunks of beef brisket!! But the ribs was abit disappointing, too much pepper in my opinion and it seems diff to pics in prev reviews. Would come back for primal 🤤

Tasted better than it looks! Huge piece of teriyaki chicken with Japanese egg and lettuce. Portion big enough for 2 small eaters!

Tried the at the AIA Glow festival. 2 dressings to choose from, either chocolate or peanut butter! Peanut butter tasted weird with the smoothie bowl in my opinion, would recommend chocolate instead. Liked both the dragonfruit and mango flavors, but the blueberries in them were still frozen and stuck tgt! :-/

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Teriyaki chicken Soba. Generous servings of chicken! Soba was mixed with roasted sesame dressing. Really like the Soba texture which was slightly chewy too 🤤

Soba with salmon sashimi, onsen egg, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and edamame. Was really good!! 🤤


Romaine lettuce base with 1 carbo and 5 toppings. I chose: pasta, vermicelli, black fungus, tomatoes, sardines & spicy Thai fish cake. Very cheap for the portion & many interesting variety for toppings! Cheapest salad I’ve had.

One base, One protein, 3 sides, 1 dressing. I chose: sweet potato mash, white fillet, honey glazed carrots, eggplants, zucchini noodles and vegan pesto. Very very filling! Huge portions. Had 3 scoops of sweet potato mash. Kept me full even till dinner :-)

Went there at 11am on a Tuesday afternoon but the place was already filled with people. As the superbowl was priced at $18, I had expected them to be more generous with their portion of chicken but there was sadly only 3 strips of chicken in my bowl. I must say this was a pretty mediocre lunch

Salmon with broccolis, cherry tomatoes, pickled zucchini and pineapple salsa with brown rice as base. Rice was abit hard. Pickled zucchini and pineapple salsa’s tanginess was too overwhelming in this dish. Could not taste the truffle taste as well. Overall 6/10 dish and wouldn’t pay $15 for it. But with burpple 1 for 1 only about $7.70 each. WORTH 👌🏻

Sirloin steak and kimchi omelette with brown rice! Dish was overall sadly abit flavourless, steak was cooked nicely but no flavour. Brown rice slightly hard. Rly liked the kimchi omelette which was the only thing that had flavour in this dish. Also, dk why but it looks different from other reviews of the same dish. But it’s healthy I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

The batter was veryyy crispy and fish inside very soft. Cajun calamari rings were good too. You can choose your sauce, I chose tartar sauce :)

Wait time quite long, about 35 min.

Captain Snapper is located in Habitat by Honestbee, a supermarket with dining food. Everything to be ordered and paid for using the app. Once ready, can go and self collect.

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Veryyy thick and fluffy pancakes served with fresh cream, fruits and maple syrup. Was really moist and soft unlike the usual hard flat pancakes.

But waiting time is crazy - 50 mins. Only get if you have time to wait.

Poofy is located in Habitat by Honestbee, a supermarket with dining food. Everything to be ordered and paid for using the app.