Upon entering they asked you if you are using any apps (e.g. Burpple or Entertainer) and they will provide a special menu based on your response. We both got the burgers and requested for it to be cut in half so we both can share our piece and taste both flavours (best decision everrrr) the coolers were pretty refreshing and the staff were nice and friendly too (thanks Ivy for being accommodating!)

Damage done incl. taxes: $47.36 ($23.68/pax)

Used the entertainer app for this one to get 1 for 1 mains. Ordered the Tex Mex in a bowl (Chicken Chipotle) & Tacos (Chicken) & some cheese qusadilla for starters (really loved this, i feel like this could pass off as mains too tbh).

Total damage:
- Tex Mex ($22)
- Tacos ($20)
- Cheese Quesadillas ($14)
- Tequila Sunrise ($14)
- Caprioska ($14)

$: $76 ($38/pax)

Loved this board game cafe! Golden katsu burger is a must order. Definitely will come back to try the other dishes and to play the games

Ordered the beef stew, kimchi fried rice and crabmeat egg roll and was really full by the end of it. As soup lovers, we quickly ran out of soup and shyly asked for soup refills; we weren't sure if they would give us but they did provide us more without any extra charge! Saw how the other table were making their DIY rice balls, very curious to try that next!

I ordered the Dakgalbi rice dish & my partner ordered the chicken risotto! We ordered the best-seller Sweet Potato Pizza (we saw later that you can actually request for half sized and not the whole pizza) and surprisingly we really enjoyed the dish and was amused at how the flavours seem to mix well. Definitely coming back here again to try their other dishes and pizza flavours!

Came back as I enjoyed dining in here the other day and decided to try their pasta and truffle fries. Just a feedback on the mains: the truffle (fries and pasta) could use a bit more truffle flavour as it tasted quite bland - lacking in the fries and the pasta tasted more like carbonara than truffle cheese. My partner also mentioned how the basil pesto pasta was flavourless and upon tasting it, i reckon it needs a bit more of pesto in it. Their iced lemon tea also tasted a bit sour, if you prefer a more sharp flavour compared to lemon, you can get that. Otherwise, the ice cream and waffles were really good, we enjoyed that and we liked how the staff also asked for feedback on our dining experience. Hope to come back again soon!

- Truffle Fries ($12)
- Basil Pesto Pasta ($16)
- Truffle Cheese Pasta ($18)
- Ice Lemon Tea ($6)
- Basic Waffle ($5)
- Double Scoop: 1 premium & 1 normal ($7.40)


It was my first time visiting Poppy Pops at Jem and had no idea this existed above the main foodcourt!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back for more. I was a tad bit full coming in here hence could not finish my sandwich, but will come in hungry next time to finish my meal.

My 2 other friends also enjoyed their meals and were surprised with the portion, taste and ambience of the cafe. 10/10 will recommend and will be back.

Total damage:
- Truffle mac and Cheese ($10)
- Basil Pesto Pasta ($16)
- Corn and Spinach Melt ($13)
- 2 Iced poppy lemonades ($12)
- Basic waffle with 2 scoops ($12.40)

Price per pax: $15

This is a new bar that popped up 3 months ago and I must say, it is incredibly worth it! Both the drinks and food are 5☆s, and not forgetting the service too. The one dish I kept coming back to was the chicken neck and quesabirria (pork). Will definitely try their other menu next time and wow, I've finally found a place I can frequent to now!

Ordered the cookie with 2 scoops - Earl Grey & Thai Milk tea and shared it. Definitely worth it!! It was incredibly moist, chewy and melts in your mouth. Will definitely get a bigger portion next time. There are a variety of flavours to choose from as well, you can have fun with mixing it!


Total damage per person: $6

Ordered the B supreme ($23) and the Assembly burger ($25) for dinner and the burgers were sooooo filling! Even if you arrive on an empty stomach, you wouldn't need to order any appetisers. We wanted to, but the staff was already like "the burgers come with fries and its already quite filling" and he was right! Super worth it and will definitely come again, time to get more burgers/waffles and their brunch set next visit!


Total damage per pax: $15

We ordered the 1 for 1 main dish and I gotta say we were really impressed! We were also surprised how the staff were the ones who were cooking for you as well instead of the usual how you would be the one cooking your own meats. A big plus was how they were all really friendly and considerate as well towards us! We will definitely come by again.

Damage done:
☆ Soy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Spicy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Kimcheese Fried Rice ($20)*
☆ Warm Water - comes in a jug ($2)
☆ Hot Green Tea ($2)
☆ Hot Yucha Tea ($4)

Total: $30.60/pax

* Kimcheese fried rice is a must order! They also said their pork was their speciality.


Using the entertainer app, we got 1 for 1 mains for the Buttermilk Chicken Burger and the Black Angus Ribeye with Truffle Mash. Steak was really good including the sauce and mashed potato! Surprisingly the burger was really filling and the chicken meat was insanely big, I was already full halfway through the burger.

If you're not a fan of sitting outside and having to deal with the throng of passer-by streaming in and out of the walkway and inhaling smoke every 5 minutes, I'd suggest you to come a tad bit earlier than the dinner crowd or reserve a spot rather than walking in!

Total damage:
- Butter Milk Chicken Burger ($18)
- Black Angus Ribeye with Truffle Mash ($29.90)
- Draught Beers ($9) + ($10)

$27/pax, ☆☆☆☆