I had my doubts about the #mochidonut since I generally find the chewy consistency boring, but the deep frying brought it to a whole new level. Not only did it make the outside crunchy, adding variety to the texture, but it also served as a great base to absorb the #icecream which doesn't get soggy unlike conventional pancakes/waffles. My friend loved your #mangosoftserve so much he went for an separate cup. And then we were like "what the hell" and went for the #saltedegg mochi donuts with the #peanutsoftserve.

I will most definitely be back for next month's flavour rotation.

1. #MangoStickyRice Mochi Donut 9/10
2. Mango Soft Serve 6/10 (my friend loved it, but I generally just don't have a taste for fruity ice creams. Much preferred the peanut soft serve)
3. Salted Egg Mochi Donuts with Peanut Soft Serve 9/10
4. Hainanese #ChickenRice #Risotto 8/10. Loved it! All the taste of chicken rice with the extra cheesy, creaminess from the risotto.
5. #Mentaiko #Gyoza 7/10
6. Mentaiko #Salmon #AglioOlio 6/10


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Skillet Cookie 6/10 - Unfortunately this brought down the total score. Maybe I have very particular cookie tastes and high expectations because boy, do I love my molten cookies, but this was nothing special. The taste is alright, but the cookie itself is not gooey at all and on the thin and chewy side.
2. Charred Lamb Loin 7/10
3. Seared Barramundi 8/10

I guess I just have to go back and see if their Brunch French Toast is worth all the #burpple posts 😉