Got this as part of their set meal. Over priced and not worth your money. 2 small pieces of chicken and less than half a boiled egg in this one.


Got this as part of their Set B set meals. Pathetic bowl of mostly soup broth with barely much chicken meat. There are some carrots and radish in it too. Wouldnt go again. Their standards have dropped.

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Nothing like a hot cuppa to start your day!

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Spicy, cream and mildly sweet bowl of goodness, I enjoyed it even more with chunks of pumpkin buried inside. Went well with the complementary walnut bread slices.

My go to main at cedele, tender pieces of chicken stuffed with rosemary herbs. With sweet potato patty and cranberry puree on the side.

Perfect when you're down with a cold or just craving for something warm and spicy.

Wonderfully blended smoothie consisting of mixed berries, milk and yogurt, topped with a scoop of lychee ice cream and chia seeds!

Eat this fast or else your bread gets soggy from the pulled pork fillings. I like the pickles as it went well with the flavourful pulled pork!

My favourite sandwich of all time. Although it was quite salty, the chicken was tender and the egg was soft and nice. Love the soft bread texture too!

While the cheese was hot and stretchy, it wasn't very flavorful. Bread tasted stale and not as buttery as I'd have liked!

Simple yet a very comforting appetizer. Generous portions of cheese sandwiched between hot tortilla slices, mmmmm!

The batter was too oily and thick for my liking but the potato filling was creamy and the lime aioli complemented it well.