I love to discover such gems because I believe the people really put effort and love in their food! Totally yums on the food we ordered (pasta: meatball, macaroni, teriyaki and mushroom)... very sure their desserts are as fab too.

their appetizer dishes and that shaobing burger, yums!
Their lunch is super affordable and menu is unique, using recreating chinese dishes in modern style.
I'd skip the dessets and just focus on their appetizers and mains.
Dinner is omakase style in options of various courses.
Might want to think twice if you have meetings after lunch since it's an open kitchen.


How should I start? If you love Jap food, which I'm sure you do, you must get your Jap fix here. Most definitely. There isn't nothing to not love. The sashimi are fresh, the cooked food are so worthy of the calories, the chefs at the counter are so good to see them at work, the ground crew are very attentive even during busy times... but there is 1 dish you must try and you have to wait for a year - their Yusheng. It's a year long wait coz they only serve it during CNY. So you must NEVER miss this. You can miss any other Yusheng from all major hotels or whatsoever, but never this. It is full of flavours that will have you wanting for more. The ingredients, the mix, the sauce... everything pairs up so well. I can't go on since I'll have to wait for another 365 days for this. Moving on, their lunch sets are very affordable for that quality food and also don't wear anything with buttons, hooks, zippers or belt if you are having dinner buffet there. Go on, indulge in their buffet. I won't tell.


I got to know this little quaint coffee place a year ago when I used to work around this place. And this time, I brought a friend along for breakfast. Food set was same old same old. What sets them apart from other cafes were the eclectic mix of butter cream cakes, cookies and scones, which I thought was really nice. I really like the Aloe Vera cake while many prefer the Lemon one. However, this time I was rather disappointed this time round as the staff kept clearing our plates each time we finished off something. Each meal to me, is something one should be able to enjoy. Having to have no one at the cafe, I felt that there wasnt a need to keep clearing our plates. There are many cafes to go to these days and what keeps customers coming back is your service and some smiles. So, put that good service back and oh, doesn't hurt to just give some smiles at the counter, coz it's morning!

The Ocean Platter that too much for 4 adults and 4 young kids. Ok but that's abit too unbelievable but there were also 3 soups, 2 pilaf rice and 2 baked potatoes. But even then the kids shared some of the food from the platter with the 4 adults. Sticky ribs were so tender and easily pulled apart. We walked away thinking the platter could have been shared among 3 to 4 NS men. Service was impressive. The team was very attentive :)