lemon chicken was ($20), the size of the chicken was smaller than my hand. think they used chicken breast and it was SO dang tough to chew 🥴🥴🥴

this place is nice as a coworking space but i’ll prolly come to get work done n get an açai bowl maybe...its q scammy with beyond i feels


came for burpple 1-4-1; didn’t know that if u topped up with an add-on (i did for chicken in the quesadilla), it would be counted separately from your main and thus excluded from the 1-4-1 deal 🤠 @burpple is there a way we can find out these rules and regulations clearly delineated... 🥴

anyway fud was OK. quesadilla was rly nothing to shout about, and it’s $17...+$4 for added organic chicken and honestly i think it’ll be hella plain without

baba ganoush was interesting! $9 w a bunch of flatbread and tortillas that are store-bought n frozen

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so worth with burpple beyond — it’s total $14 for the mains iirc 😭 pulled pork eggs benedict is GOOD, i really like it (think it’s better than their big breakfast and shakshuka which i’ve had before). definitely coming back!

writing in bullet points bc i have separate points to make
• not the best environment; outdoor seating is WARM with no fans outside and esp if you get a table right next to the road 😖 indoor seating is not the best either — no ambience, just noisy and ugh the vibes are off for me la
• mushroom risotto is not bad. salmon carbonara can be q jelak after a while so suggest u share mains w friends. felt a bit scammed by pierogies like p sure the curry puff-esque skin is pre-made and they just stuffed inside with pumpkin (which is q nice and sweet tbf).
• total came up to $34.15 incl gst and service, ok la i mean if we didn’t order sides it would’ve been way cheaper w the 50% off mains
• mayhaps brunch is better? won’t be back for dinner again


i LOVED this drink omg the milk feels a lot more blended with the taro but in a seamless way!! not in a frappuccino way!! they were so generous w the orh nee (ok they better be, this costed $5.90). loved the taro pearls as well. might be my favourite drink rn!!!!

way better than liho’s taro milk w unicorn pearls - that didnt come w as much taro despite the size, and it really just was like. drinking milk ft taro. whereas this was TARO MILK

only gripe is that the cup is too smol...can give us in the big grup??

finally tried this!! i love yogurt and chinese desserts so this looked like the perfect blend. however i can’t decide whether i like it...the yogurt was freshly made and had a tart flavour, which my bf LOVEDDDD he says this is his favourite drink ever. loved the red bean and purple rice bits tho! 😋 i think i like it overall omg idk eh i need to try again. i like that it tastes q healthy and not sweet tho!

also take note it’s quite heavy on your stomach bc it’s YOGURT

this costed around ~$11.90++

the pork slices had a great flavour but sadly the portion was quite smol

also, while the place was nicely decorated, we were seated next to a table where there were so many boxes/takeaway materials stacked up that the ambience was a bit ruined...

not worth!

this was their signature tonkatsu curry which was ~$15++. the portion of pork cutlet was quite smol, and was not fresh. it was hard to cut the pork cutlet, which made us suspect that it’s been frozen for a while. taste was OK

tl;dr not worth

‼️‼️there is currently a 1-for-1 promotion going on! my mom and i got a bowl each :-) got the mala beef slice noodles and omg the soup is really 麻 (numbing) which i imagine would be super shiok in rainy weather. servings were also generous! however the taste was just average - don’t think anything beats Lenu hahahaha but for the price point and proximity to my house i’ll defo be back!

also the side dishes were goood we got some tofu & cucumber concoction (香干) + potato slices (土豆丝)! tasted just like those i had in china hehe

my friend and i ate 4 plates of sushi each and a bowl of clam miso soup, and the price after GST & service charge was around $13-$14 which is really not too bad for restaurant fare!

none of the sushi rly stood out though - my favourite was the corn mayo sushi & avocado prawn roll i believe? the fish roe & cream cheese sushi was good too but don’t eat all the cream cheese if not v jelak

warm soupy goodness for ~$9 as well!! feels VERY homely and defo my comfort food 😋 omg i’m hungry looking at this

oh yes and reusable lunchboxes and cups from MUUSE are offered across penang kitchen outlets! :)

their noodles are thin!! one portion is ~$9 - not the most affordable given its portion, but this is what u get for restaurant fare!

this outlet is a cozy stall nestled in a corner, not many tables available and there wasn’t anyone else dining there prolly bc of the current situation