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Freshly out the oven and really warm. The other breads they sell are really amazing too. They were very soft and tasty :-)

4 toppings for large for $9.90. Pretty yummy, very refreshing :-)

The cake was very fluffy and simply delicious!!

Amazing dish! Rly loved the spiciness and the flavour of the soup. The noodles were super chewy and amazing. Definitely worth eating

Amazing jjm. Seriously the best. the noodles are chewy and bouncy. Will definitely eat here again

Pleasantly surprised at the fried rice. It was rly yummy. Got the xo fried rice as well :-) both were really tasty!!

It was delicious. The pork was very well done, would definitely come again. Unfortunately this meat is not included in the 1 for 1. However I got the rice and vegetable dishes 1 for 1 and they were amazing

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This dish was one of my favourite dishes here. The way they cooked it was very different from all the other prawn aglio olios I’ve tasted! I loved the charred taste of the prawns too


The gravy was very tasty and the mussels were very fresh

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Amazing and fresh bread, with good quality olive oil and butter.