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Honestly.. I wouldn’t recommend Yardbird. Over priced and portion are pretty small too.

Not in pic, their Truffle roasted chicken is better than their famous watermelon chicken for sure.

It’s okay only .. haha 1-1 and no Q.

Asked for no ice as we were feeling cold but the girl didn’t listen.. We didn’t head back as she looked so sick and bored of her job and we didn’t want to experience any bad customer service to end the day.

Yam was diluted and it was a very powdery taste.

Lemonade was ok only, really can’t put a finger to the taste.

Simple yet delicious! No funny smell. We got it at medium well, pardon my ignorance (it’s great! it’s almost like medium rare steak 😆)

Boston lobster laksa, Chili with Sakura prawn & gravy was great, lobster + cockles are fresh. But spaghetti didn’t really absorb the sauce so it’s 8/10.

ordered the burger and beef! i love all the details that go into it, even simple things like the salad/garnish the chef wanna enhance the taste to make sure they get finished too! the beef is definitely decent enough to go back again! (:

this was really good and worth the money especially after 50% off mon-thu after 5pm

Sambal fried rice wasn’t spicy, tasted like normal fried rice

Malay noodle was too sweet

Sweet and sour pork feels like eating flour only :(

The rest was yummy!

Didn’t know where to go and found this place randomly..

Love the Ambience and how every drink is different and specially customized.

Take my money!!!

Ordered upsized but couldn’t finish.

Tempura wasn’t crispy enough, ate them without the batter in the end.

Bad choice of music, I felt like I was having sushi in the club. I mean, keep your favorite songs for your own/ closing time?

Choose songs that suits your restaurant theme please.

Needed my coffee from all the crazy workload and courses. Both phone and body Battery running flat, grabpay not working well, got death stare by staff for “blocking” and “holding” up the Q.

Why you like that, there was only 1 couple behind me and they just arrived less than 1 minute :( sigh

So .. I asked for paper bag but it broke immediately and yes, I spilled the whole cup of HOT coffee at the table top, no staff helped me. Burn die me omg.. feeling so sad thinking about that day..

I mean.. CSHH need no recommendation from me.

Love them but the price is steep so I’ll drop by once awhile ..

Their Éclair is great, really. But honestly, I wouldn’t eat it if there wasn’t 1-1 deal. Price is steep and economy not good.

Ps: I love their pistachio, seasonal (pineapple) and yuzu.