Mummy Didn’t Cook

Mummy Didn’t Cook

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Picky Queen
Picky Queen

Ordered upsized but couldn’t finish.

Tempura wasn’t crispy enough, ate them without the batter in the end.

Bad choice of music, I felt like I was having sushi in the club. I mean, keep your favorite songs for your own/ closing time?

Choose songs that suits your restaurant theme please.

Can I just say, I hate JJM but this shop changed my impression of JJM man. Omy.. I’m drooling while typing this, gonna go back to eat soon.

Their side dishes are free flow, quality not compromised at all. Feels almost like my Korea homestay mum’s side dishes.

Staff were very helpful to help us pack our food as we couldn’t finish.

Quiet nice ambience! Pizza, salad, beef and even pasta was great.

Price wise is a little high, but with 1-1. Its worth the $

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For the price paid, I think it’s average only.. a bit disappointed but is okay, never going back.

Found this place via 1-1 and it’s near a tea place that I love so we decided to give it a try.

I must say.. I’m very impressed from the quality of pork patty, type of sauce combination and burger bun. 👏🏻

Don’t stay/work near here but I hope to go back soon.

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Not a very fish person (so hard to eat, so many bones) but this is pretty darn good.

I mean.. 1 full fish leh, and with free flow of steamboat ingredients. And I used 1-1 so it’s super worth the deal.

We had preserved vegetable and mala, spicy level low because my friend noob.

Wow QQ Beef Ball and simple yet delicious yellow noodles.

The store owner are damn troll one, you can wait for 30-40 mins and when you go back and ask them.. they will be “oh! Ok it’s coming”, next minute your noodles will served (Obviously they forgot lah LOLOL) but very down-to-earth people.

So homely such simple food that bring comfort to the soul.

They sell YTF, abacus and soon kueh but I still think beef slices + beef balls are their best dish.

I’m not a pro at telling you if they gave me good beef or was it tat bit over-cooked for medium rare but I really enjoyed my dinner that day.

Rice was great, Beef was flavorful and juicy, egg and veg made the rice so yummy.

I was very full. Can’t wait to go back again! (And I did, went back to have their other dishes, cannot make it lol.)

Lesson learnt: Just stick to what was good.

Meh. I wanted the typical soup ramen but this is like Jap style’s mee pok.

Not my style, thank you next.

Boring people ordering the same food everytime.. Just order those with thumbs up. Super love their pizza and live band. Timbre never failz!

Oreo cake was bad, dry and just sweet, one dimensional taste.. Should had expected :(

Matcha latte was average as well.

Chia latte, still my favorite of all time.

Boring people ordering the same food everytime.. Just order those with thumbs up. Super love their pizza and live band. Timbre never failz!

This is my way of tracking why am I always poor.

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