Price: $8.90
Chicken big piece but some parts dry. Pasta is okay.

Crab promotion - highly recommended! Not sure will last till when..
2 crabs (600-700g each) include 6 mantou $68 (1 flavour)
3 crabs (600-700g each) $98 include 9 mantou (up to 2 flavours)

We got 3 crabs split in chili and bee hoon soup (+$2). Expected smaller sized crabs but impressed that the crabs were not so! They were fleshy and had roe - yummy! Chili crab was very egg-y and not spicy, will go well with rice! Bee hoon soup was average so will want to try other flavour next time.

There is also free ice cream at the end of the meal! Quite crowded on weekend but crowd is well managed.

Chili crab dish very popular, good value too. Butter prawns and prawn paste chicken highly recommended too.

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Salted Caramel - vanilla waffles with salted caramel ice cream & sauce, I added additional scoop of hazelnut ice cream!
Both ice cream flavours were yummy! Not many places have a big menu for waffles, really looking to try more!

Always reliable - the taste, quality, presentation and queue. But..did the portions get smaller? Anyhoo, still delicious and wiped the bowls clean 😋

Be there early to avoid a snaking queue!

Wide selection of waffles here with big scoops of ice cream! Waffles were fluffy and on the softer side, goes well with the malty Horlicks ice cream and sauce.

Shimmering Sand Crab - Yummy!
Rich creamy and buttery goodness! Good for dipping mantous too. Must try!!

A tip that the waiter here educated us with before - if you want more meat, opt for male crabs. If you want more roe, opt for female crabs. Usually they recommend female for dry sauces such as the chili and shimmering sand so the roe soaks up the sauces too. But if you prefer meat to roe, request for male crabs!

If you like butter and garlic, you will love this to garlic bits!!! Must try!

Seemingly simple-looking dish (no filter needed!) but sooo tasty! The dish was wiped spotless and reminisced about the very next second. Although it had the chili icon on the menu, it wasn't spicy.. Maybe be aware of the chili seeds when wiping the dish clean!

Light $9.90
Pick 1 base (4 options), Pick up to 2 poke (8 flavours), Up to 7 toppings

This was original shoyu tuna with sushi rice and all 7 toppings. Love the variety, fresh ingredients and how generous they are! Light size was enough for me on this late dinner. They also have sauces available to add as you wish. I enjoyed the avocado miso! Worth a try!

Soy chicken $8.90 + avocado $3

Always a trusty rice bowl to fill your tummy 😋 you can choose 5 sides and I like the kimchi. It's tangy, sour and not spicy. You get to put as much (or little!) sauce as you like. Do shake it up before you dig in!!

Sides: Crunchy potato salad, Onion rings, Baked potato, Garlic butter eggplant
Mains come with choice of 2 sides.
$10.50 each, good value!

Mains were good!

Homemade duck foie gras terrine with sugar glazed onions and baguette - $26

Buttery foie gras...