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White Rabbit Milk Cake White Rabbit Milk (大白兔奶) Cake reminded me of childhood sweets (candy wrapped inside the plastic). The candy itself was quite sweet and milky and applies same original taste for the cake itself was quite sweet to the maximum. The cake topped with white rabbit sweet, whipped cream and marshallow but the sweet inside the cake are hard to chew and quite sweet aftertaste.
Old School Cream Cake 🍰 Buy 3 for 30% off Yam orh nee chiffon cake (my fav!) White rabbit 🐇 Chocolate 🍫
🎶I only came for the CAKE~🎶 Throwback to me enjoying these assorted slice CAKES from The Pine Garden & yessss, they are back with their cakes now! ✔ . 🔹️White Rabbit - vanilla milk cake filled with milk cream, studded with soft homemade milky white rabbit candy chunks 🥛🐇 . 🔹️Black Forest - 3 layers of moist chocolate cake with fresh cream & rum-soaked cherries in between 🍫🍒 . 🔹️Lychee Martini - their signature & my favourite! 💕 Light & fluffy lychee cake layered with martini-soaked lychee fillings 🍸 . 🔹️Coffee Whisky Caramel - moist coffee cake with layers of decedent whisky caramel sauce & coffee jelly bits ☕🥃 . 🔹️Strawberry Milkshake - strawberry sponge filled with strawberry milkshake cream, milk jelly cubes & fresh strawberry pieces 🍓🥛 . 🔹️Orange Zest Chocolate - thick velvety chocolate layer paired with delicate & fresh orange sponge cake layers, complete with a zesty orange fresh cream 🍊🍫 Nice combi! . 🔹️Mango Passionfruit - fresh mango bits & passionfruit cream smoothen over classic vanilla sponge cake, this was bursting with tangy flavours 🥭
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Tuk Wan Kitchen While it’s a pretty ulu destination for Thai food, their food is not bad and is pretty authentic. Thai Green Curry had a good amount of spice to it and was very creamy; just the way we like it. The stir fried pork, while a tad bit too dry for our liking, had a lovely marinade that brought out the natural flavours of the pork. The Thai fried omelette good, albeit oily, but that’s expected for Thai omelette. Pineapple rice was all right, nothing much stood out about it but it was a decent place of it. Tuk Wan Kitchen is a good option for Thai food but if I were really really craving for Thai food and need it stat, it won’t be my first option due to the location.
👉Moo Ping👈 Grilled perfectly, these delicious pork skewers teleported me back to Thailand... 。 How many Moo Ping (Thai Pork Skewers) do you need to satisfy your cravings? I’d say at least 5 for me 😋 。 Do check out their attractive lunch promos, where you can purchase any main & get a free drink at just $5.50!
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| 🐷 Best Thai Pork Skewer Yet !... ~ · Thai Green Curry (Chicken) - $9.80 BBQ Grilled Pork Skewer (4pc) - $7.80 · Green curry is abit spicy but shiok. Thick and creamy but a pity there’s not much meat for the price paid. It also contains egg plant, tomato and long bean. Pair it with a bowl of white rice ($1) to reduce the spicy and make it a complete meal. Their pork skewer is the most tender pork meat I ate before, heard it’s pork shoulder meat. The BBQ gives it additional flavour. The meat is abit red on the inside but crew assured me it’s normal and it’s well cooked. The dipping sauce is chilli mixed with fish sauce so it’s quite salty, best to eat the skewer by itself to enjoy the pure flavour. It reminds of bak kua somehow, a must try · Tuk Wan Kitchen @tukwankitch
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