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Had the 1 for 1 lunch buffet, and we ate until we exploded cause it's an ala carte buffet and we lost track of how much we ordered in the end... Otherwise, very good variety of sushi options, yakitori, noodles, etc and sashimi was fresh!

Good portions of fish and delicious mentai. Rice portion not so big, but great deal with the 1 for 1!

Loved this! Authentic matcha taste, and very creamy! Cute presentation too

Tried the Avocado and Chendol bingsu here. The portions are big, with rather generous portions of topping. With the 1 for 1, the deal is even better!

Super moist and delicious. It is also not that sweet, and best thing is, there is no sugar added. Talk about healthy eating 😋

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The portions of fish were generous but rice portion was average. Price not bad, even without the 1 for 1. Cheers!

Tried the honey macadamia and strawberry lemon pies, paired with café lattes. The filling of the pie is delicious, not too sweet and sinful, crust is crumbly but tasty.

However, the place has limited seating so it's best to come during the off peak times.

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Oops, accidentally took a bite of the pita before taking the photo; was too excited to eat it. And it didn't disappoint, falafel was freshly fried, with just the right level of spice. Will definitely be back for more!

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With caramel sea salt gelato. Cute presentation. Waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way I like it. Gelato was really yummy. Super filling, especially after having dinner!

Second time at this place, and after the terrible experience a few years ago, we thought things would be better. Evidently not..

The place was so hot and stuffy, the air con was not working, and the lighting didn't make things any better. Explanation by the staff on what the Burrple deal entails was also unclear, resulting in some confusion. Service was rather slow and the food portions are tiny.

Not worth it, even with the 1-for-1. Not recommended.

Generous portion of lobster in a yummy cream sauce. The lobster has also been de-shelled and cut into smaller bite-sized pieces before being put back in the shell, making it easier to eat. Definitely worth the 1-1 deal!

This lamb ribs was to die for. The meat was so tender, and the gravy was so damn tasty! Lots of fats in the meat too, which could be a plus or minus for different people. All in all, highly recommended! 😋

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