Affordable Carrot cake priced at $3.

Comes with Cai Po & Chong.

Only thing is, if opt for chili - they don't fry it together. So in choose not to add chili to it.

$3.80 prawn noodle soup! Comes with fresh prawns & most importantly piping hot soup!

Soup is still pipping hot, even after served for 5 mins!
Love it ; and the stall auntie is very friendly 👍🏻

Must try if you’re here ☺️

Ordered the signature Parrot Fish Belly porridge $11+ and Pork Innard porridge $8+ to share + extra sides (fried dough fritters & century egg & fried fritters steam rice roll)

Taste really yummy! Especially the fish belly porridge which has a hint of “charcoal grill taste from the fish”. Definitely will return for the fish porridge! They have really unique soya sauce which paired very well with the fried fritters steak rice roll (photo not included).

Total damage with drinks: >$ 50 for 3 pax

Value for money $8 for fish and chips + $2 for the sausage! 🤤 expect to wait awhile to get your food, but the hawkers are fighting their best to prepare the food to fill our belly!

My kind of brunch! #golocal #hawkerfood

Dated: 12.12.2020

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Kickstart off a meal with Fig & Freekeh Salad and two glasses of wine.

I'm never a big fan of starchy noodles but this lor mee is GREAT! I’ve tried other lor mee, even the famous one in Bedok but this is much to my liking!

Must try when you head down to Seah Imm Food Market

Flavourful soup with huge chucks of fish! I ordered slice fish beehoon soup, $5.50. Quality ain’t quality, there were 5 slices of fish but they were thick and fresh!

Unique taste of seafood aglio!

Every mouth filled with freshness 🤤

Had 3 mains and this mushroom pizza is my favourite ! Good place to dine, but just a note - if you drive, park along the roadside because the parking fee cost $5+ inside!!

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Pro: Generous portion of fish roe and cheese! Very rich in taste - Cheesy and overwhelming. One serving is good for sharing, but jer lat to finish one person! 😬 Con: Rich flavour overpower the tastes of the salmon and vinegar rice. One will not be able to taste the freshness of the fish.