1 for 1 (~$15 each) really make the Don really worth it.

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Finally trying the famed Rakki Bowl. Had the truffle beef don in size regular (both bowls are regular) overwhelming truffle taste, abit gelat. Small portions. Okay to try okay to have just not enough to warrant a long queue or a second visit

Sooooo much value with entertainer JB! 14 ringgit so that’s about $3+. Quiet spot to rest with thick drinks. Slightly on the sweet side (for some people) but it’s perfect for me.

Love this place for high tea, came with a mock tail, a chicken starter with truffle mash (see other post) and a tiered set. As if you still had room, you get a sorbet and a tray of cookies which you could choose (3out of 14) I’d recommend the pistachio cookies!!

$13 in total for each of the dishes after tax. ($22++ but used the entertainer app!) Quaint place for a lovely date night or comfortable catch up.

This dish is one of my favs as their pasta is always done al dente and the variety of juicy mushrooms have such great flavour bursting out of them (also the fact that I’m not a mushroom lover who stays away from soups but love this dish says a lot)

The signature prawn and chorizo one however is a tad spicy for my liking. Wouldn’t recommend that one.

~18 in total for a bowl of generously cut seafood on rice. Seasoning was just right though I would have preferred the fish to be colder! Comes with miso and brown rice tea. For the price point, the quality is definitely one of the best in town

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Love the place here, treat from the parents we paid around $140 for 7 of us. 2 prawns, 2 small chicken breasts, 2 small Long beans, 1 pumpkin, 1 squid and a mushroom.

LOVE THE SQUID it’s very soft and has a great bite. My sister’s was hard so maybe the standard varies. However for the lack of onsen egg and slight heaviness in batter, I’d opt for tendon Ginza itsuke.

Had the ontama negitoro don at 16.90++, which the egg was a little semi solid but I still liked the freshness of the toro! J had the chirashi don 19.90++ which seemed pretty good too when I tried, I love how red the tuna looks. We added the mentaiko dashimaki at 13.90 which was kinda huge a portion we could barely finish. It’s probably enough for 3-4 people. This one was ok, something I could do at home so maybe take the normal dashimaki. Total bill came up to $60. Nice ambiance v authentic and wasn’t crowded. Probably ranking 1st or 2nd in my list of Japanese places to go!

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