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Milk Pudding With Almond | $4.80 This milk pudding is something that you probably would enjoy if you’re a huge fan of milk and all it’s creaminess. The texture isn’t as soft and smooth like those in beancurd, it is more firm and coagulated. You can choose different toppings with this pudding. However, the almond one wasn’t that worth it as all they did was put some almond flakes I think. Admittedly, this isn’t something that I would come back for, but if puddings are your thing, I would suggest trying their recommended chrysanthemum milk pudding as it seems pretty good and famous as well. Rate:🌟🌟
Taro Ball With Grass Jelly + Mango | $4.50 This is a new dessert stall around the Katong and Marine Parade vicinity, with their highlights being Chinese desserts. A good place to chill after a meal when the weather is too warm as the ambience is quiet and relaxing, but it might also get too crowded during peak hours. While it was a nice place, this bowl of dessert did not sit well with me. The grass jelly was refreshing, small portion of mango cubes were alright. The taro balls did not have a chewy texture, but more soft and sticky. I think what was most overwhelming was the milk, which I suppose was Carnation milk. I personally felt like it was not the right ‘soup’ for the dish, and the strong taste of the Carnation milk ruined it for me. However, I think it’s a dessert for an acquired taste, and if you like milk and it’s variations, you might actually like this. Although this bowl did not suit my palate, I would probably come back to try other desserts, perhaps the sago milk/sago fruits, as it is difficult to find quiet Chinese dessert places around the area where one can sit and chill. Rate:🌟🌟
Fruits Sago with Ice Cream Always great to come here for some dessert after dinner before going back home. For a much refreshing one you can grab this that comes with watermelon, papaya and mango; topped with a corn ice cream.
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Cruffins, Matcha-cheese Burnt Cheesecake, Kouign Amann I rate these cruffins and the two-face burnt cheesecake 11/10. MY FIRST TIME TRYING BURNT CHEESECAKE btw and this rly raised all my expectations of it. They combined the matcha and cheese flavours tgt so well! As for the cruffins, the top was light and crisp like a croissant while the bottom was slightly denser. I LOVED the fillings esp the MATCHA. MSW was WORTH IT. I’d go and join the long queue any time to get my hands on these delicious pastries again - texture and fillings all on point. SO SATISFIED!!!
Keong Saik Matcha cruffin ($5) ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️ Sor hei ($4) ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️ Cheesecake ($7.50/$8) ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️ 🍴Finally paid a visit to this popular bakery and conclusion: loved their pastries, found the cheesecake average. The #sorhei was our favourite with its super flaky and crispy pastry, and mix of chocolate that was just the right level of sweetness. Their #matchacruffin was crispy throughout but lacked the airy interior that bakery brera’s cruffin had. While I would have liked some fluff, the rich and yummy matcha filling made up for it and had me licking up any last bit of matcha. Pro tip: retoast these pastries at home to get the lovely crisp texture, and warm molten matcha 😋 . Unlike popular opinion, we found the #basquecheesecake pretty average and comparable to bakery brera’s (see #cafehoppingkidsxcheesecake for my reviews). The original comprised 4 different cheeses and we found it to be more dense and a bit more complex than the usual creamcheese but tasted similar to the laughing cow brand cheese 😅. While one of us liked it, others not as much. The matcha version had good matcha flavour but the cheese overpowered the matcha slightly. Theirs is the most ‘burnt’ with a relatively thick upper and bottom burn layer but not sure if our two face might have been overdone such that it bordered on truly being burnt 😂 (see how black it is in the picture). Their version is a tad too sweet, really small in size for the price, and wasn’t as oozy or molten as we would have liked (but it could have been because it was eaten right out of my fridge). ⚠️ #keongsaikbakery is only doing takeaways and we waited 30 mins in line on the weekend afternoon 📍@keongsaikbakery, 41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore #cafehoppingtanjongpagar
Not Life Changing But Pretty Yummy @keongsaikbakery is better known for burnt cheesecake but I liked this 𝘀𝗼𝗿 𝗵𝗲𝗶 ($4.50) more. Tear through the airy and flaky layers and you'd greeted by a trove of chocolate chips which weren't too sweet or dark. Simple, but well executed. Kinda reminded me of the chocolate rolls of childhood, but better. IG: @indulgentism
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