Mocha for $5.50. A lil too sweet for me.

Last but not least, I ordered this banana cake covered with chocolate ganache. It was a little too sweet for me though there were fruits to neutralize the taste. What a sugar rush!

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Wow, I wasn't expecting such a big piece of meat to be served for just $19.90. Accompanied with their in-house anchovies sauce(tastes like the usual spaghetti tomato sauce). Worth a try since the restaurant is generous with their servings ;)

One word to describe, yummy! The fruit salad mixed in yogurt dressing creates a sweet and sour taste in your mouth and preps you for the next dish!

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Met up with my girls for brunch at PARK. Wanted to chill out but it was so warm despite sitting at the aircon area. Should only visit the place after sunset, unless u don't intend to stay there for long.

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The most exp breakfast that i've eaten in my life! hahah. I like the idea of whole day breakfast. Plus the ambience is rather relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Waited quite sometime for our seat without reservation. This is my first time trying Egg Benedict. The combination of hollandaise sauce with the mushrooms and half cooked egg yolk isn't too bad, but the bacon is so chewy that I can't tear it apart in my mouth.

Ordered prawn chee cheong fan, char siew bao, liu sha bao, and fried scallop. Their dim sum is definitely worth a try, however the honey lemon tea tastes weird. Spent about $10 per pax ;)


Not a fan of tomato based pasta but this dish is really tasty! Not too expensive too. 4 types of pasta choice available. Service is quick, but have to wait quite some time to be seated!

Love their shredded cheese toppings... Serving size is cool for 2, with random pastries and coffee.

Celebrated Mother's Day at this restaurant. Pricing differs alot from what's shown on their website, maybe because of the special occasion. I think the cream sauce serves well with the grilled chicken. However, for the same price paid, I could have visited some other western restaurant with better ambience. Packet sauce was served here. Service was too quick that I couldn't really enjoy my food. Felt as if my plate will be cleared away anytime. Overall experience was not so good for me.