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I’ve always like my beef medium rare and this bowl with the right temperature of soup that served perfectly on the table ... thơm ngon!

I’m always a fan of Rösti but it’s not available many places but I found it in Closer Kitchen. Decent pricing at RM21 that comes with a rösti, sausage and scrambled eggs (beef bacon is what I personally added at RM9) which makes it a fav dish of kids...and also big kid like me 😘

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Got to attend a preview in Hubba Mont Kiara’s coming promotion for Christmas! In this platter, there’s a beef pot pie, chicken roulade, Norwegian salmon, smoked chorizo with Brussels sprouts and some rosemary hasselback potatoes. Cost only RM180 for 3 pax! Not forgetting to mention that this place has good variety of good wines at trade prices. Pretty much a steal dining in here!

If you’re a fan of the spicy and numbing noodles, this would be the right place to dig in. On the bottom right is the Steamed Chicken with chilli oil (口水鸡) which serves in a generous portion compared to the restaurant next door.

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You can tell that the chef is really picky of his own creations. Great dim sum served in terms of good portioning of fillings, taste and the freshness in every dim sum. We only paid RM108 for 8 full bellies to leave the restaurant feeling contented. Totally gives a good bang for the buck!

Tried the authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop at RM11/set and it’s so good! Totally worth the 30mins drive from Seremban to this lil town. Besides that, the toast is served with butter and homemade kaya and it reminds me of the old kopitiam that I used to visit when I was a kid.

Nope, it’s not burnt. It’s just some hardcore carnivore rub on my Striploin.

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Opted for Chicken Curry Carbonara instead of Prawn Curry Carbonara. Creamy enough but not too “jelak” for a portion.

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A new Gastrobar located 20 mins from Seremban town that serves draught beer. Also trying out their Beef Burger & Shakshouka. Average spending for food(2 person) around RM60-70.


Bingsu full of fruits and grains!
The portion is good for 3 but I finished one on my own ;)