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Loaded nachos with fresh salsa. Pork was not very tasty and a little dry though.

The lamb was very tender and fell off the bones. Love the yogurt sauce.

Salad with 3 generous scoops of salmon and 4 add-ons of roasted pumpkin, chick peas, corn and flying fish roe. 1 for 1 if you have the Entertainer App. My favourite poke place to go to!

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We used Burpple but was told we could not order 2 grill items so we chose the spring chicken which was the most expensive of the rest. Beef was tender and cooked perfectly. The sides of cheesy cauliflower and garlic smashed potatoes were equally yummy. Chicken will take 25 mins waiting time as we were told it was cooked from scratch. It was worth the wait as it came juicy, even the breast meat. Will definitely come back again to try other mains.

I'll be sure to grab a cup whenever I see a Fun Toast. Only for those who loves gula melaka.

If you love salted egg yolk, you will love this softserve. Eat it quick cos it melts fast.

Our favourite steamboat place by far. Mala soup is tasty, not too spicy or oily. Collengen soup is milky and thick. Refills are equally as good. As it's pretty expensive, we would only visit it once or twice a year. We prefer this place over Hai Di Lao.

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Generous portion of lobster which were juicy and tender. The slices of truffle were not flavorful as some that I've tasted before but the truffle butter was yummy. Burpple 1 for 1 made it a deal.

For those who don't like drinks that are too sweet, the Houjicha drink is for you. I preferred the Hojicha soft serve over the regular matcha. Total damage $10.40 with Burpple 1-for-1.

Cooked by blow torch, the meat was pretty tender. Some parts were pretty rare but I didn't mind. $40 with Burpple 1-for-1.