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Relaxing saturday Always have cravings for their donuts. They’re very fluffy, moist and a bit chewy. Comes with a lot of flavours too! The only downside is it’s a bit pricey (like durian donut is $4.2😨). Burpple Beyond makes it more affordable 😬 #burpplebeyond
Donuts (est. $2.80 each) [Available on Burpple Beyond] Didn’t use Burpple Beyond for this cause I was alone when I got these, but what matters more is that the donuts were pretty darn good. 😋 Unlike regular ones, Haritts’ donuts showed no sign of oiliness. They were a hefty in thickness and were incredibly fluffy as well, so if there is ever a title for “Donut with the Best Bite”, they can take it in a heartbeat. 😍 What really left an impression on me was how redolent it was to old-school donuts that you’d get at those neighbourhood bakery and confectionaries. This sense of nostalgia - you’ll rarely get it in any food, but when you do, you know you’ve struck gold. Where room for improvements is concerned however, I would agree with other reviewers who have pointed out the mealy amount of flavours in the donuts. Couldn’t really discern the matcha, chocolate, white chocolate in the bread. 🤔 For flavours that had fillings, the flavours really came ALIVE. 😧 I apologise for the poorly-edited photo though. It was captured from the wrong position, so trying to rectify it during editing and make the colours pop was practically impossible. 😭😂 (7.6/10)
Hojicha & Matcha Donuts Preferred the hojicha donuts over the matcha ones. Donuts were airy and fluffy, not dense at all. Sweetness was just nice — not overly sweet!
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Ratings: 8.5/10 • Alternative 7-course meal ($78++ each) A hidden jem inside Sugarhaus 😉. The 1-for-1 deal for this meal is worth it but not in full price. But I’ll probably be back to eat the steal again!
Fat Belly - Alternative Steak Cuts My friend asked me along to try out Fat Belly and since I’ve heard that their food is good, I agreed and I must say I’m impressed! Starting off with the sides - the sautéed mushrooms and truffle fries were great. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms but I can’t stop myself from eating the sautéed mushrooms here because they were that good. The fries were hot & crispy and the taste of truffle was evident in every bite. Had the Flat Iron steak and Onglet steak with my friend and they were definitely one of the better steaks I have tasted thus far. We enjoyed how tender and rich in flavour the steaks were. To end off the meal, we had tiramisu for dessert which was also well done and to our liking. Overall, a very satisfying meal and service was good too. On a side note, I also really like their playlist which contributed to the relaxing ambience there!
Amazing Hidden Gem Tucked Away In Serene Center I had a wonderful date night out with my boyfriend at Fat Belly and I was very impressed by the entire dining experience. We were well attended to by the service staff and given bar top counter seats which allowed us have a nice view of the kitchen while seeing our food being prepared. I really enjoyed the alternative meat cuts that they offer and the Flat Iron was definitely the highlight of the meal as it was the perfect tender melt-in-your-mouth steak. (Kudos to the Chef!) Highly recommend the Tiramisu, Sautéed Mushrooms and Truffle Fries too :) Will definitely back for sure!
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