It tasted like frappucino?! Very creamy but the coconut taste was not at sharp as espresso. The straw is the most adorable one :)

The lunch set promotion is quite worth of money. The set includes one of the selected main courses, mini salad and ice/hot green tea. I chose the seafood rice and it came with a decent portion. I didn't top up for the fancy cooked egg. This original one is already decently silky and flurry.

Lots of good reviews and nice photos online of this beautiful combination. Until I finally paid my visit and was told it's macha latte plus additional expresso..... Well, it was a nice balance of bitter and sweet taste. Cozy and quiet environment during weekend since the Japanese design firm on the same floor is off.

Different from taro Bobo, this is the milkshake instead of ice cubes. It had taro balls and smashed taro at the bottom. Personally I like Clarke Quay outlet because less crowd on weekdays. Queueing time is zero... I was the 1st in the queue when I stepped in at 7pm on Friday night and the 1 of the 5 customers in the massive store..... (For ppl who hate noisy crowd and the queue....)

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This is the one of the most authentic Korean food I've ever had in Singapore. Located in the center of tanjong pagar, how I miss this restaurant among all choices in cbd? Because dinner queue is insanely long.... Thus I never entered this restaurant before. The noodle is chewy, black bean sause is well flavoured with a touch of sweet as well, pickles and Kimchi are freshly made in house. They have value for money combo for 2 pax as well for both dinner and lunch. I should bring my friends here to try out the combo some day.


5 stars for the refreshing and healthy salad! Shredded onions and carrots, beef slices, on top of it is herbs, fried onions, chilli and smashed peanuts. The sause is at the bottom at the bowl, while you can also add additional homemade chilli sause. Great appetiser!

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Vietnamese coffee is famous for its strong and flavourful taste. It might have been introduced by French colonists but soon it developed a style of its own. Normally the type of coffee bean Vietnamese coffee is Robusta, which is bitter than other beans. The condensed milk and ice cubes provide balance and to dilute the bitter taste. I feel it's still much stronger than my usual choice flatwhite......

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I like the red bean fillings, not sweet at all. Lovely color and health bread!
I'll come back for more.

A bit disappointing by the dining experience and the ramen. 1. Not solo diner friendly. I prefer to sit alone but I was assigned to be seated beside a couple. They were talking very loudly and I asked waiter that if I can change a table. But they told me all is reserved. That was Tuesday, 4 tables were not occupied until I left the restaurant. 2. Chashu had no flavour at all. 3. Soup was very oily. I won't be back again and I didn't get it why it's popular in Singapore.

It's quite a common cold appetiser in Chinese restaurants but chuan yang ji's dish definitely stands out because of its secret source. It's a mixture of white sesame, vinegar, oyster sauce and chill. The chicken is tender as expected.

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If you are a fan of sticky rice cake, this is the dish you cannot miss. The black and white double treat is very rare, half of which is glutinous rice and half is black sesame paste. The rice cake is pan fried, thus it's crispy on the outside but chewy inside. The brown sugar dipping sause bring the flavour to next level! Great great recommendation!

Chong Qing Beancurd flavour! They have a good mixture of aroma and spiciness. However, we do feel the portion is very mediocre. On top of the fish is a bunch of chilli and beneath is cabbage.... Although it looks a great portion. Beancurd is a bit disappointing because it took quite a long time to soak the flavorful soup. Texture is not as smooth as traditional beancurd that you can have back in chongqing....