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2019 Record

2019 Record

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Lola's Cafe, d'Good Café (Holland Village), PUNCH, Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata, Two Bakers (Jalan Besar), Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), L'Atelier Tiramisu, Sun with Moon, Dahlia Cafe
Regina Shao
Regina Shao

I feel lucky that the customer who is queuing in front of me is a Japanese lady. What I need to do is to pay attention to what she orders as a strong reference of what kinda of authentic food the original Japanese people will choose. Thus I pick fried fish and pumpkin! The breading of the fried fish is thick and crispy with nice aroma however I still taste that fishy smell (maybe because it's getting cold? ). Pumpkin tempura is the similar skin of traditional shrimp tempura. They have various of sources that on self-service table to go with your tempura.

I've heard of this speciality coffee for such a long time and their cafe stayed in Queenstown area. This "fast" concept of the cafe in vivocity sits in the newly revamped fairprice supermakets. Besides the bakery, the cafe has a row of 4 counter seats. This is the most smooth flat white I've had in Singapore, with a good balance of roasty bean aroma and full-body taste. The secret is that they use a blend of 50% Columbia and 50% Guatemala beans roasted in house. You can also purchase the coffee bean! I'm planning to come back for a filtering coffee soon.

They definitely have the secret to maintain constant customer flow in Orchard, where the compitition is furious with other restaurants come and go around it in Wheeklock Place. It opened for 14 years since 2005 with this only outlet in Singapore. They have the traditional KAMAMESHI - seafood or meet sevided in iron pot with flavoured steam rice. The beef version with a raw egg, chestnut, spring onions. You need to stir it together before you eat.

It surprised me that korean sausage soup is served here. Then I realised some of the peers have it on the menu as well. It's a very popular street food in Korea, generally make by steaming pig's intestines stuffed with various ingredients. The oxbone broth had a rich flavour and blood sausage had been well balanced with green veges such as garlic chives, green onions, perilla leaves, green hot peppers.


Cannt decide among the options thus I chose everything! It comes with ham, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato. For the bread, u can choose between ciabatta and wholemeal. Healthy and fast to chomp on for weekday lunch!

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Smoked duck on the left while on the right is the sweet potato and Matcha pancake. The pancake is soft and fluffy, which tasted like silky omelette. Prefer the savoury one, simplely because it might become soggy in the sweet dishes resulted by the sause or ice cream.

The great combination that won't go wrong. The latest menu got a lot of choices on their buttermilk waffles: with Greek yogurt (sounds healthy), milo crumble & caramelised bananas (sounds a bit sinful), homemade mixed Berry compote. Will come back for their tea menu!

Taiwan's cafe which is famours for its charcoal grilled breakfast toast opened 1st outlet in Singapore! The best idea to avoid to queue is to have "breakfast" at 3pm. Not a big fan for pork so I came to the choice of floss. It's an amazing creation to mix savoury floss with sweet condensed milk, which gives me the balance on the palate and surprising fulfillment in my mind! They sell the toast itself as well (only the top slice) at the price of 3.9sgd per pack. U can also give it a try while queueing. Will come back for more!

The craziness for queueing here is dieing off so finally I made the visit. 2pm lunch provided no queue and fast food service time. The soup is light and refreshing. The additional of yuzu peel brings it up to the next level. The slice of Char Siew is a bit on the dry side but is to my liking. I'll definitely come back to try Yuzu Tsukemen and gyoza.


The super crispy golden brown coating definitely overshined the barramundi fillet. The fish is accompanied with chips — those thick and fat fries is called chips in England. The staff told me the chips is freshly made of sliced real potato. But I still feel it tasted like powerish chips. Cole slaw on the side completed the meal.

It's like a piece of art! The caramelised crispy layer is made of a mixture of flour & water. The chilli sause is not your typical one served in Chinese restaurants or hotpot place. It is made in house, perfectly combining chilli, white seaseme, seed oil. It's also served together with hotpot for dinner.

This place had become one of our usual working lunch places in CBD area. Their lunch menu got a wide range of varieties. Guo Tie is my personal favourite! The skin is so crispy and filling is very juicy. They got 2 different fillings: lamb or pork. I would say pork (and cabbage) is popular and usual choice for homemade dumpling but lamb (and coriander) is definitely a rare choice. The coriander balance the strong taste of lamb and give it special aroma. The inhouse made chilli sause brings the dumpling to next level!

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