Ordered the pistachio and their signature ones! The tarts were quite nice and super worth with the 1 For 1 Burpple deal!

Tried this as I bought the voucher from shopee. Was quite disappointed as the taste was quite separated and didn’t feel like the flavours (milk, jasmine tea?) were incorporated well together.

Food was not bad and really affordable with the 1 for 1 burpple deal! Can give it a try when you are near the area!!

Ordered the Tom Yum Pasta and it was pretty good! Price wasn’t too expensive too. In general, their food are quite wallet friendly !

Finally got to try this! Noodles were QQ and the minced meat was flavourful too. Enjoyed my meal (:

Was pleasantly surprised and impressed that the bowl of ramen tasted pretty good for its price ($8.90)! Ingredients were quite generous given its price too. Broth was really thick too. A hidden gem I would say!

Food was quite nice and price is reasonable! Best dish is the fried prawn cakes as there were real prawns in it. Definitely a place to visit if you are in the vicinity!

Wanted to order the mango one but it was sold out so got this instead. It was so good!! Totally understand the hype now. Would definite want to try the mango one someday!

This was so good omg!!! One of my new favourite hotpot places to go to! Ordered the pork bone soup and tomato soup and holy the tomato soup was so good, I kept drinking it (coming from someone who hardly drinks soup lol)! Ingredients were super fresh and generous too. Definitely a must go!!!

This was really quite good!! Love the taupok as it’s fully soaked in the curry and the potato was super soft!!!! Got to try this when you are here!!

Ordered the original one with strawberries and lotus caramelised sauce! It tasted not bad, super worth with Burpple 1 for 1!

Super nice vegetarian food. Definitely one of the better restaurants out there. No GST and service charge too!!!