Got it for 1 for 1 so it’s super worth! It’s nice and not too sweet at all!

This cost me $3.80!!!! So ex but taste wise only so so. Won’t buy again ):

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Got the tomato broth which was okay-ish? I think the broth choices abit limited too. Didn’t like the Maggie though. Bad thing about this is they charge by weight and will end up over ordering. Paid $15 for this which I think is super not worth. Doubt I will be back again

So worth it with 1 for 1 burpple deal!!! Iced latte is quite nice

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Roasted pork is quite flavourful and tender. Food was okay in general but pricey though so doubt will be back again

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Finally tried this!!! It’s pretty average, not a big fan of it. Would prefer the Milo dinosaur cream to be more consistent in the donut though

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Food was quite nice and really one of the more affordable ones! Definitely a nice place to just chill and eat

Quite nice but would prefer to have a stronger garlic flavour as the cream cheese was quite overpowering. Bread was soft and nice though

Saw many good reviews on this so decided to give it a try. Quite nice and smooth but abit too acidic for my liking.

Ordered pistachio and their CNY speciality (pineapple tart). Love the pistachio one but the latter one was quite meh.

Long wait but definitely worth it! Vermicelli is very flavourful and prawns are big and fresh!

Super nice! Meat very tender and the accompanying sauce is good too. Must order!