Fish Taco is still the best, Picadillo De Carne is palatable and goes well with the garlic rice ($2).

Not much has changed since my last visit, only that water became chargeable now at $1 a glass.

春卷 ($6) and 醉鸡 ($10) are must try on the menu!
The crispy 春卷 and its flavourful filling goes perfectly well with vinegar. 醉鸡 was very juicy and there’s a lightly gelatinous feel to it. You can taste the booziness of the 花雕酒, definitely better than DTF’s version!

We pre-ordered 生煎包 ($6) when making our reservation. Bite with caution as the scalding soup bursts right through the bun. My family loved it but I guess I just don’t enjoy pan fried buns that much.

We also tried 上海小馄饨 ($3.50), my to-go breakfast when I’m in Shanghai. I absolutely loved it, even though it’s just wanton soup to most people.

梅菜扣肉包 is a must try on the menu! 梅菜扣肉was nicely done, the pork belly was really soft and tender. Dip the fluffy bun in the sauce to achieve a greater gastronomical experience!

小笼包($6), a tad bit saltier than DTF’s, but more flavourful with a more chewy skin. I liked it and thought it was better than DTF’s, albeit sadly, there’s no ginger slices to go with it.

酒酿丸子 really fell short of expectations, cos my grandma used to make this at home. The glutinous rice ball was great (I love all mochis) but the rice wine was too diluted hence resulting in a watery rice wine soup. Could be better if it were more starchy and add more rice wine.

[Burpple Beyond] Beef Quesadilla ($18) very cheesy, it gets gelat towards the end, so the salad and the sauces helped a lot to get this down.

They got three kinds of sauces, sorry only remembered by the colours, green, brown and black, be sure to try all!!! One of them is very very spicy 😂

[Burpple Beyond] Fish Tacos ($18) is a must-order on the menu! The fish is so fresh that it just melts in the mouth the minute you bite into it.

[Burpple Beyond] Pastoral Vegetables, I got 麻婆豆腐 ($12.80), can’t go wrong with this, and 咸蛋黄焗南瓜 ($12.80), crispy pumpkin strips coated with salted egg, hmm so you can imagine salty and sweet flavours at the same time.

I used Burpple Beyond vouchers to redeem appetisers, 蒜泥白肉 ($12.80) was a good choice, but 冷锅串串 ($12.80) wasn’t that great. It was more of like mala lok lok, so can consider skipping this for something else. Chengdu’s appetisers do take ages to serve, not sure why but we had the hot dishes served faster than cold appetisers.

秘制泉水牛蛙 ($27.80) was more of like mala frog leg, can try if you have extra cash to spare.

重庆酸菜鱼 ($22.80) is my second favourite, the soup is less spicy than Ba Shu’s and it’s super addictive!

水煮牛肉 ($25.80) is third on my list, the beef tenderloin is very tender.

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