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Burpple Beyond

Featuring Sunday Folks (Chip Bee Gardens), Perch (Jewel Changi Airport), Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), TONITO Latin American Kitchen (Jewel Changi Airport), Chengdu, Otto Berlin Haus (Toa Payoh), Bettr Coffee Co. (Khoo Teck Puat Hospital)
Fanyuan Q.
Fanyuan Q.

Fish Taco is still the best, Picadillo De Carne is palatable and goes well with the garlic rice ($2).

Not much has changed since my last visit, only that water became chargeable now at $1 a glass.

[Burpple Beyond] Beef Quesadilla ($18) very cheesy, it gets gelat towards the end, so the salad and the sauces helped a lot to get this down.

They got three kinds of sauces, sorry only remembered by the colours, green, brown and black, be sure to try all!!! One of them is very very spicy 😂

[Burpple Beyond] Fish Tacos ($18) is a must-order on the menu! The fish is so fresh that it just melts in the mouth the minute you bite into it.

[Burpple Beyond] Pastoral Vegetables, I got 麻婆豆腐 ($12.80), can’t go wrong with this, and 咸蛋黄焗南瓜 ($12.80), crispy pumpkin strips coated with salted egg, hmm so you can imagine salty and sweet flavours at the same time.


I used Burpple Beyond vouchers to redeem appetisers, 蒜泥白肉 ($12.80) was a good choice, but 冷锅串串 ($12.80) wasn’t that great. It was more of like mala lok lok, so can consider skipping this for something else. Chengdu’s appetisers do take ages to serve, not sure why but we had the hot dishes served faster than cold appetisers.

Used Burpple Beyond and redeemed a 1-for-1 beverage. Very nice of the barista to ask if I wanted sugar for my iced matcha latte, but the matcha powder was clumpy towards the end of the drink as it hasn’t dissolved yet. Iced white was great!

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The meat was very soft, tender and easy to chew, making it a perfect main for my grandma. She simply used the fork to nudge the meat and it falls apart immediately.

Another great main to try with Burpple Beyond!

Ordered medium rare with natural jus (slight citrusy sauce that complimented the steak well). Steak was well executed and very juicy.

Very well worth the price especially with Burpple Beyond.

Great appetiser, nicely seasoned and very filling. Good start to the meal!

[Burpple Beyond] Very interesting combination of sweet strawberry ice cream and a tinge of sourness from the balsamic sauce. It’s new addition to their collection so be sure to try it out!

[Burpple Beyond] Super filling dinner with humongous glasses of drinks that is impossible to finish with just two people.

Baja Fish Tacos ($17) is a must-order on the menu! The fish is so fresh that it just melts in the mouth the minute you bite into it.

For Burritos, you can only choose between Fajita Classic($16) or Vatos Style ($18), and pick a meat of your choice. We had Carne Asada (+$3) and it was okay only, so maybe go for a cheaper choice. Burrito was actually very filling as there were a lot of ingredients wrapped up inside, and it was not glam working through it. (Not an item to order on your first date also as it is really quite messy working through it.)

For Drinks, we had Frozen Margarita Peach Flavour ($23) and Makgeolita Passion Fruit Flavour ($28). We liked the Margarita more and managed to finish it! But Makgeolita was really strong as it was a mixture of tequila and makgeolli.

We ordered Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($19) and they were very generous with the braised pork! Super good portion for sharing!

Would definitely be returning to try other tacos! 🌟


[Burpple Beyond] Whole pork knuckles was actually very filling so I would recommend to get half pork knuckles if you are not too hungry.

Mixed Grilled Platter has grilled chicken, pork and lamb chops, grilled chicken was extremely tender, while the pork chop was really tough. Lamb chop was good!

Would be back to try the sausages next time. Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals are really worth the money! 🌟

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