Crisp and flaky chunky fish that comes with truffle fries and salad. The fries are great! It was quite filling overall but a satisfying meal.

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Too much leek. Too much. Eat until scared of the world Negi already. Soup is also too rich.

Roasted green peppers & eggplant dip - smoky, flavourful, slight hint of spice and not salty! The fam loved it.

Elevated replacement for mayo in potato salad. Tasted great as a sauce for dry noodles/pasta too!

Bought Mild Ajvar (sweet and not spicy) and Spicy Lutenica (would work great in pasta) too - all are unique and amazing, but this Malidzono dip is still my fav.

Go for grilled chicken. Way better! The pasta was sour, salmon not tasty, and overall not an enjoyable meal. Pasta came with mushroom soup.

My friend let me try her chicken & sides - pasta salad & potato salad was nice!

My new fav flavour! It reminds me of Melona but a fresher taste. I'd prefer it better without cone as the cone taste overpowers the refreshing rock melon flavour.

Premium flavour +$0.90
Cone + $0.70

This outlet has no seating (unlike Marina Sq outlet) & no waffle.

Always get sesame rice when I dine at greendot, reminds me of chicken rice!

Broccoli - nice char and best of the 3
Cabbage - not rly tasty
Sweet n Sour soya nuggets - SALTY and a tad too sweet. Didn't finish, would not order again.
Complimentary soup - normal, not sweet.

Dish is salty but flavourful with fragrant spices! The crisp chickpeas are a nice contrast against the creamy hummus. Includes poached egg and 2 fluffy bread pieces.

It looks little but it's filling, just nice for 1 person.

Indoor seating can get pretty cold which makes your food lukewarm fast. Opt for alfresco and you could sit for hours as there are more seats!

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The salmon was lukewarm on a bed of hot rice. Normally the salmon sashimi would still remain semi-cold when served at other restaurants but this sashimi wasn't even cool, but warm!

Doesn't leave a nice taste. Wouldn't return.

Restaurant wasn't full on a Sunday afternoon (1.30pm).

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Tasty flavours that make me forget about meat! The sauces / dressings carried the dish, while the avocado added a creamy texture.

Only gripe is the pool of liquid at the bottom (likely from tofu) so the bottom of the wrap is soggy.

Do let them know your allergies - some ingredients like their cheese are made with coconut oil so best to check.

Cafe has a nice ambience, will return if I'm in the area!

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Bolognese pasta is above average, quite oily but tasty. Ate it with some plain salad at home so it's less jelak. Wouldn't pay for this at full price, though.. Cranberry scone is buttery, crumbly and bursting with flavour! Keen to try their other desserts

Their gelato are nice, but the waffle ($6.90) takes the cake.

It's eggy, fluffy, and slightly crisp. The syrup is okay, a little cloyingly sweet but the waffle on its own is delicious. Would be back just for it!

Their summer strawbwrries flavour reminded me of Movenpick's strawberry ice cream (Movenpick's the winner, of course). Refreshing :)

Junior scoop is enough for someone who simply wants a treat but not too much sugar, but the price might sting at seeing you how much soft serve you get for $5/cup.