📍Viio Gastropub [Balestier]
Pan seared gnocchi with beef ragout ($24)
One of the best gnocchi dishes I have ever tasted! The gnocchi was crispy ok the outside and soft on the inside, the outer layer remained crispy even after being drenched in the beef ragout. The gnocchi was not overly starchy too. The beef ragout has a deep flavour and a nice hint of wine and was delicious. Only problem with the dish is that the tomato was slightly acidic for my liking, but overall it was delightful.
Korobuta Pork Ribs ($20)
Fall of the bone ribs with a slight smoky flavour to it. The sauce was generously coated and paired really well. Only downside is the portion is really small.
Carbonara ($22)
Carbonara was cooked al dente and was topped off with bonito flakes. The bonito flakes brought an umami flavour to the pasta and surprisingly paired very well! The chorizo brought a slight spice kick to the dish, overall really yummy!
Chocolate fondant ($10)
3 mini lava cakes all suprisingly had lava! The berries brought a nice fresh tartness to the dish and the crumble sort of sand also brought a nice texture to the dish. The yuzu sorbet was the highlight of the dish, it was sharp but not overpowering and it was so refreshing! My only problem with the lava cake is the chocolate flavour did not shine through enough.
Food was delicious and really lived up to my high expectations of it! Only problem is that the wait was really Long and that the portion size for the meats were small, but the food was amazing
Price: $$$
Come back factor:🤩🤩🤩½

To start off, my friend and I were very annoyed. It states that the shop opens at 1 and we had to wait until 1.45! Not to mention one of the staff was quite rude :(

But moving on to the cookie, I had the red velvet, the cream cheese Center paired well with the red velvet cookie and it was not sweet, overall a really yummy cookie!
My friend had the cookie and cream cookie with ice cream, I had a small bite of the ice cream, it was not sweet and quite creamy, she said that the cookie was nice too!

Amazing food!
Before this, had some sort of dip with bread, really enjoyed the refreshing dips and the bread was light and fluffy!
Moving on to the food shown in the pic, the sausage was very flavourful, did not try the lamb rack but the chicken was so good! Had a slight kick of spice and was so tender and juicy. The salad was was very refreshing and the butter rice was so good!
For dessert, we had baklava and kunefe. The baklava was a bit sweet but had a nice crunch and was really nice. My first time trying kunefe and I loved it! It was crisp and cheesy and it was so delicious!


Tong shun is one of the best meat stalls out there in my opinion!
Their char siu has a sweet exterior but a kind of melt in the mouth kind of taste, served warm with rice makes it so delicious!
Their roast pork skin is crispy and the pork is flavourful, corner pieces are always the best!
Another thing I recommend is their signature fried rice, fried with curry powder and curry leaves, this fried rice is aromatic and delicious and the pairing makes it so delightful

The New York high tea was beautiful🤩🤩

Scones: Plain and raisin
Super fluffy, really well baked, the rose jam and cream cheese paired really well with the scones!

Bottom tier: Smoked salmon cream cheese bagel, Reuben sandwich and lobster on toast
The smoked salmon cream cheese was very light, but felt that the bagel was a bit chewy
The Reuben sandwich was so good, my favourite out of the 3! The sauerkraut cut through the sweetness of the roast beef and the cheese was so good!! The sourdough was toasted really well and altogether it was splendid!
The lobster roll was very refreshing, a buttery brioche topped with lobster mixed with mayonnaise.

Second tier: New York cheesecake, Red velvet, carrot cake
The New York cheesecake was very light, though the sable still the bottom was a bit soggy, but still my favourite out of the 3! The decoration was really pretty with fruits and icing flowers!
Red velvet was paired with cream cheese. It was really moist and not sweet at all!!
Carrot cake the cream cheese paired really well with the carrot cake and there were walnuts in the carrot cake which brought a different texture which was really pleasant! There was also a small carrot made out of marzipan which I found absolutely adorable!

Third tier: Brownie, Apple crumble
The brownie was really fudgy but I felt it didn’t really pair well with the chocolate cream on top of it, felt that the brownie was better on its own! The brownie had Walnuts incorporated inside and it brought a crunch to it which was really nice
The Apple crumble was my moms favourite! I personally found the tart to be soggy, perhaps it was left outside too Long? And I felt there wasn’t enough crumble, but one good thing about this crumble is that the Apple was really tart that cut through the sweetness of the tart shell!

Chocolate lava cake rating: 6.5/10
I love chocolate lava cake w ice cream so without the ice cream was kinda :( the lava wasn’t Super flowy?? Like it was more fudgy than flowy. The chocolate wasn’t very rich but the baked part of the lava cake was really good.

Chocolate lava cake rating: 6.5/10
Was not very rich in chocolate, and somehow a bit cold??? It was baked nicely though and the ice cream was very refreshing and nice, not sure if its homemade but overall quite decent.

A really nice tea break! A bit dense but the flavours worked really well with each other! The upper layer was a caramelised white chocolate which I expected to be really sweet which was surprisingly not! The cheesecake was really smooth and nice but the digestive base was a real pity because it was really hard to cut but flavour wise it was so good!!

Honestly like my favourite cake ever!!! The bottom layer is much like a newyork cheesecake. The digestive is really nice and provides a slight crunch to the cake, the bottom layer is really smooth and creamy while the upper layer is really light and helps to balance out the more dense bottom layer. Overall a really pleasant cake and I def recommend!! Always come back to eat this🤍🤍

Pretty decent, the pork was dry and the skin was not that crisp, there were large chunks of garlic too which wasn’t that nice but the pasta was cooked really well and was nicely coated. The sun dried tomato also brought a slight sweetness which was really pleasant :)

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Chocolate lava cake rating: 9.5/10
Love this restaurant so much I keep coming back here!! Not shown in the picture but the pizzas are so good, bread is fluffy and it’s freshly baked and just warm! As for pasta, recommend the crab meat linguine, pasta is cooked al dente and the crab is very fresh. Everytime I come here I have lava cake without fail. The ice cream is smooth and creamy and sits on a bed of pistachio. It comes with a buttery cookie and the lava cake is soooo good. Its baked to perfection and it’s rlly nice and the chocolate is rich.

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