🏮Gong Xi Fa Cai! Save even more with 1-for-1 deals >

The dish that I’ll always order when I’m at Sushi Tei. Great value!

Crispy + salmon + mentaiyaki = totally sold. Needless to elaborate further.

Amazing, savour to the last bit 😋 was served by loveliest Auntie Linda who made the meal even better. Will visit again!

This $10 mac n cheese is a fried patty drizzled in cheese sauce! Not gerlad at all! It’s too good to share!

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1-for-1 applicable for Beef, Ribs and Chicken so we went for Beef and Ribs, were both very good! Melt in your mouth!

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Truffle fries was the best dish we ordered. The other: sea urchin carbonara, roasted cod and duck confit were meh. Drinks are cheap.

Heard about the mac and cheese for the longest time! It was a good fix for mac n cheese craving, but it could get gelard at the end! Nevertheless a cheap choice for a cafe setting!