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italian restaurant in hillv2 chocolate lava cake was a bit too much for me but the ice cream was q good price is abit steep ($16++)
Modena ‘Salami’ ($17.90) Simple menu focusing only on 12” pizzas recommended for 2-3 pax, with some pasta dishes. This little eatery might be easy to miss, but is certainly a hidden gem - affordable and pretty good! Modena ‘Salami’ was tomato-based, topped with pork sausage, mozzarella and mushrooms. While the toppings were simple, we were pretty impressed by the dough which was thin, slightly chewy without being overly dense with crisp crust.
Parma "Garden" Hidden away within the Crawford Lane neighbourhood, Italian Osteria X is a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria which does primarily takeaway orders. Pretty impressed by the one-man show situation here; the same guy who takes your orders and gives your recommendations at the table is also the very same person who would man the counter, make your pizzas, clear your tables and also serving other customers — a very humble, small-scale operation that showcases the passion and effort behind his craft. The Parma "Garden" features elements such as Parma Ham, Arugula and Mozzarella; the dough being made freshly in-house and it shows — the pizza crust is light and fluffy, giving a firm bite but not overly dense nor stodgy, carrying a slight char without being that burnt bitterness. Smothering a tomato-based sauce over the pizza crust, the sauce provides a refreshing, tangy base for the cured meat and melted mozzarella; the latter being all gooey and stretchy — a pretty balanced flavour profile which gives contrast to the savoury pizza. Attempting to cut through the savoury notes of the pizza as well would be the arugula; the bitter undertones of the leaves help to further balance those flavours, providing even more contrast to the pizza. At $19.90 for a 12-inch pizza (also the only size available for all the pizzas offered here), this is certainly a steal; no doubt the crust seemed to have some difficulty holding up the weight of the toppings with the toppings closer to the centre sliding off the pizza, but it is in no way soggy or too wet. A hidden gem in a quaint, sleepy estate, we wish the folks behind Italian Osteria X all the best in serving quality, affordable pizzas at the foot of a HDB block.
Xing Wei
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Not Just “Fluff” Mango passionfruit fluff stack was pretty good. The mangoes were sweet but the chantilly cream to pancake ratio was almost criminal. My friends and i were practically scavenging for it. This is a portion that is decent for 2-3 people max. The airy and light pancakes (more eggy taste which i am okay with) lived up to its name i would say. For the steeper price at $14.80, it could be a once in-awhile kind of treat. I also had their oolong boba pancakes ($9.80). The pancakes were just as fluffy, the pearls were soft and chewy and overall tasted like what it suggests. However i feel the oolong taste can be more prominent. Overall, both desserts were not overwhelming sweet or gelat.
Hui Xin
Fluffy Pancake! sooooo good :) ranges from $8.80-$15 $14.80 for this mango passion pancake. $13.+ for matcha
Taste the clouds☁️ as they melt in your mouth😋 Located at the basement of @sunteccity (West Wing), @fluffstack is a homegrown food brand that specializes in the lightest, fluffiest stacks of soufflé pancakes. Freshly made from scratch upon order, do expect a 15 minutes long waiting time, if there isn’t any crowd of course😂. 。 👉Classic Soufflé Pancakes - SGD8.80 。 Not to all in on the first try, we decided to go for the classic, and boy did it not disappoint at all. The soufflé pancakes were soft, airy and had a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The slight saltiness from honey butter, as well as the natural sweetness from the maple syrup went perfectly well with the jiggly pancakes. 。 P.S. Can't wait to try their new Matcha Azuki Soufflé Pancake that comes with a side of mochi! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
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