$4.70 // BEST BBT IN SG!!! the cream made the drink thicker and sweeter and wowww the pearls, so chewy and also quite big (they were really round, was impressed lol). even though it’s more expensive than the usual shops, think it was well worth the price (and the calories) and the tea was freshly brewed and of good quality taiwanese tea leaves!! yumZ!!! rly want to b back lol

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$6 (with the cone, $5 without) // THIS WAS SO NICE!!!! swear this is the best gelato shop in SG, creative, intricately-paired flavours and can tell that the ingredients are of good quality, producing a very smooth and creamy gelato!! tried the roasted sesame which was a white sesame base with (generous) swirls of black sesame!! yumz!! rly blew me away the moment it hit my tongue :~))) and it was a real treat when paired with the thyme cone (not a flavour u see everyday heheheh)

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really think this is one of the best sushi places around sg!! for an affordable enough price, you get extremely fresh and thick slices of sushi fish, and the rice to fish ratio is 💯💯, where you get nice chunks of fish with every bite (unlike other places where it’s more rice than anything else). even though they sell their sushi by one piece, which may result in your overall bill being more expensive, i think it’s worth it for the quality you are getting, and it also leaves you with more stomach space to try other items from their wide menu selection!! great place will definitely be back, bonus: there’s free green tea if you spend more than $10 lol

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$8 // *seasonal christmas menu item* loved it!! the acidity from the raspberry and cinnamon (which are also 2 flavours that i didn’t think would work together, but surprisingly work amazingly together) really elevate the acidity from the espresso base of this drink, and when mixed together with the cream on top using my cinnamon stick as a stirrer, it made for such a festive flavour!! paired with the red aesthetic of this drink, really made this such an appropriately christmassy drink 🎄🎄

$7 // the description on the menu said it was a latte macchiato with indonesian gula melaka with hints of coconut and pandan. while the coffee was rich, creamy and perfectly blended, especially with the accompaniment of the distinctively local flavour of sweetener, the “hints” of coconut/pandan was really something to be searched for, and always almost non existent 🥴🥴 the only way i got a hint of pandan was when the pandan leaf was near enough for me to get a whiff of it, while i sipped on my coffee, and imagined i was drinking a pandan flavoured coffee lol.
appreciated an amazing cup of coffee, but was high key disappointed that the flavours they promised in the menu were not there, considering how i ordered it for those flavours.

$23 // this was surprisingly nice!! where the very different flavour profiles melt together in a harmonious blend on my tastebuds. first, you get the standard taco shells, and then there’s the salsa made up of fresh mango cubes and mayonnaise (!!), sounds like a gross combination, but somehow mangoes and mayo rly work very well together lol. then you bite in some more and you get chunks of lightly battered snapper. yumz!! it comes with a huge serving of curly fries (think macdonald’s cny twister fries), and wellll, i guess the healthiness of fresh fruits (ie: mangoes) helps to lessen the richness from the oil from the fries.

$17.80 // a really generous portion of (extremely fresh) seafood cubes (including salmon, tuna, octopus, prawns) which was layered with more than sufficient wasabi mayonnaise. (spicy, but sooo good) served on a bowl of hot japanese rice which had some shoyu sauce on it and it’s topped with some ikura, which adds more to the flavour if your taste buds need a break from all the spice. such a good dish!! but also really filling (and i wasn’t able to finish it zzz)

$21 // pricey, considering how the burger was kinda small but at least they gave 2 patties so i guess that made up for it.
as usual, really love impossible meat and the seasoning for this was great!! however, the swiss cheese sauce and “truffle” mayonnaise tasted almost the same, in a sour, ranch sauce kind of taste and there really was no truffle taste at all. (and the 2 sauces were just in different colors but taste was not distinguishable)
overall, was still a good dish and i’d probably have it again!!

$9.90 // ok i guess this is kinda pricey since all you get is base and salmon (whereas at other places u normally get some toppings as well) but wowww the flavor really made up for the steeper price tag !!!! who knew mala and mentaiko go well together but they certainly do, in a perfect blend of savory and spicy. the fish was also seared well and the portion quite generous i feel. and the yuzu ume brown rice’s slightly sour profile served as a slight palate cleanser whenever the sauce felt too rich (even though it was kinda disappointing that the rice wasn’t japanese rice) overall, was it pricey? yes, but i think the salmon made up for it and i wouldn’t mind eating this again!!

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$22.90 // ((crabmeat + mushroom in pink sauce)) this pasta rly nothing to fault, it was just that good 😍😍 the HOMEMADE pasta was amazing, you could really taste the doughy texture and it was cooked al dente (which i like a lot), loved the balance of cream sauce and tomato sauce and wow they were so generous with the ingredients!! there were huge chunks of juicy and sweet crabmeat and button mushrooms and there were shreds of crabmeat scattered all throughout the sauce. yumzzz!!! soo worth the price (AND calories)

$9.90 // to be honest, i felt quite meh to mild disappointment in this dish. the soup was fine and enough to satisfy my vietnamese food cravings, with the classic vietnamese flavour so can't really go wrong there (and neither should they, considering they specialize in vietnamese food!!!!). i felt like the choice of noodles (lao shu fen / thick, short white noodles) was a little weird and didnt go as well with a classic vietnamese dish (would have expected the flat rice noodles) and if they're marketing themselves as an authentic vietnamese eatery, shouldn't they remain authentic in all the components of their dish???? what was such a letdown was the ingredients!! don't call your dish a CRAB noodle soup if you are giving one or two meagre pieces of crab meat. could barely find any, and when i did, they were so tiny (about 1cm???) and the prawns added were alright, not super fresh or big and only 3 pieces. they gave 2 pieces of a pork and mushroom(?) meatball thing which i found weird since it wasn't on the menu as well, so was surprised to see it there lol. overall, either they give more ingredients, or tag the dish at a cheaper price !! (what a letdown lol)

the good thing about this place was the decor lol. sitting there made me feel like i was transported to a night market in a southeast asian country, so props for that

$13.90 (for a weekday lunch set + jug of T2 tea) // THIS WAS GOOD!!! the spicy garlic flavour was in the fish and also used to season the sushi rice, so you get double of the "umami" flavour. the portion is also really generous as the fish to rice ratio was quite equal and the fish was fresh as well. toppings wise, it came with pickled (sour) mushrooms and pineapples. the sides are nice on their own but i don't really see how they work together?? but i appreciated them being in my bowl for a change in taste on my palate. think this was worth it with the lunch set, so try to come during this timing if you plan on eating here!!