We had coco glow and triple A, definitely worth it to eat with the beyond 1-for-1, generous portion of fruits and toppings. Favourite topping is cookie sauce, please try that at least once! Can’t wait to try out the other menu here 😜😜

We had a huge feast at TCA a few days ago, Umami Pasta was a real kick, only order if you can take the spiciness, Crab Pasta has just the right amount of crab meat, Big Breakfast portion is okay, not too huge, Pancake was our favourite. I thought the pizza crust is a little too thin for my liking, but some may like it that way. Had the lychee cruffin, it is one of my favourite that day. SERVICE by Juin Hao (if I remember correctly) was excellent!

You have to taste it to like it! I mean ya, might kinda feel like it’s weird to eat laksa with cheese but I really thought it was a good combination. The cheese mild the spiciness of the laksa paste, and the toppings are really generous. Was my second time here, truffle pasta is as good as the first time I had it, but salmon pasta is definitely something I will pass the next time round. Would love to try out the truffle pizza and umami pasta the next time there!

Big breakfast was a better choice compared to the egg white scramble eggs which is kinda tasteless. Could use a little more salt. Love the peaceful ambiance as it’s quite far from the crowd in Orchard.

We had the Fully Loaded Breakfast Platter and Breakfast Burrito. Portion is quite big and is good for sharing but Poached eggs are overcooked. Burrito was surprisingly good. Excellent 1 for 1 deal. I highly recommend the Death Cream, it’s so good I still crave for it! Tasted like melted vanilla ice cream with espresso syrup! So so so good!


Waffles are perfectly done. Loved the Snow White and Hazelnut ice cream that we chose to go with the waffles. Definitely worth it with the 1-for-1 deal with Burpple.

We ordered the pad thai and Tom yam seafood fried rice with the Burpple deal. The fried rice is better than the pad thai. Ingredients are very generous though it will be better if the tom yam taste is stronger. Will come back to try the tom yam soup and green curry. Loved the service!