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Single Scoop We ordered the hazelnut and valrhona chocolate. The hazelnut was very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had in Singapore! Just a pity I think the fridge wasn't cold enough, my ice cream was pretty melty. On top of that, the texture was not rich and smooth enough for my liking. Its also a bit too sweet for my liking. The chocolate was pretty good. Its thick, rich and dense and texture was on point. We used Beyond and paid $4.90 in total, having to add 70 cents for each scoop as both are premium flavours.
Yee Jun
Merely Ice Cream! I love this ice cream shop and am so pleased they're on @burpple beyond. On the left: seaweed (top), salted butterscotch (bottom). On the right: oreo milk (top), horlicks panda (bottom). The seaweed flavour is new. A little funky, but the vanilla base is familiar and creamy, while the seaweed retains its crisp. Oreo milk had large chunks of oreo, although I felt the chocolatey base could have been more flavourful. Horlicks panda and salted butterscotch were both good. My favourite ice cream place with very palatable flavours and affordable pricing. Price: $6 for double scoop (I got 1-for-1 double scoops with Burpple Beyond)! #halfeatenblog #merelyicecream #icecream #burpple
Waffle ice cream set $7 Got 1 for 1 on ice cream. Had 2 scoops instead of 1 cause of burrple beyond Rest waffle is huge and filling. ice cream is super heavy and tasty. I tried butterscotch and oreo. Server is extremely friendly and polite. 5 stars for everything. Tip: don't go inside sunshine plaza, the shop is accessible from outside.
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Look at the beautiful lamination on this double chocolate roll. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just a good old croissant with dose of semi-sweet chocolate. Contrary to what its name suggests, it’s not actually diabetic. Topped with a healthy dusting of cocoa powder, what you can expect instead is the dark, nutty profile from chocolate weaved into the dough, with little pops of 40% chocolate buttons folded through. It’s like the epitome of a good bar of chocolate yknow: from the bittersweet elements, a touchy of astringency, nuttiness, to just a little bit of sweetness to bring out all these beautiful flavours.
Brotherbird Coffeehouse’s latest dessert creation completely blew my mind. Their Honey Toast ($12) sees a liberally buttered slice of toast drizzled with honey, then served with a side of spice poached pears, ice cream of your choice, and a little crumble over the top. Such a humble desert, but get this my friends: every element is perfectly executed and painstakingly made from scratch. From the tender pears lovingly poached for an hour; the handmade Madagascan vanilla ice cream ridden with beautiful specks of vanilla bean; to the house-baked white bread, slowly toasted over the fire till all that glorious melted butter’s absorbed, then given a quick blast on the salamander for that lovely caramelisation on top. Honestly I couldn’t get enough of that buttered toast: so so moist, and that touch of salt really helps balance out all the sugar in this dessert. For those who think butter’s bad for you? Newsflash: we are all dying. Every day. Eat some butter before it is too late.
Vanilla Flan Danish Vanilla Flan Danish ($5) Iced Mocha ($7) . Reopened @brotherbird_coffeehouse now serves coffee and desserts in a chill laidback space. Perfect for unwinding the weekend away. Mocha is refreshing and danish is not too sweet. Loving the vibes here
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Cha Cha From Neh Neh Pop ($8) I got it right this time! *cough*insidejoke*cough* This sexy little number combines two of my favorite Japanese 🇯🇵 teas into one icy, creamy package. Matcha and houjicha combined makes for a wonderful sensory experience, put that with the crispy shell and black molasses hidden inside and gives it this muted caramelized finish that I lurved 😍 Cha Cha is just one of many crazy ideas from @nehnehpopsg - think Mango Sticky Rice and Milo Dinosaur 🍦
Cha Cha The newest Popsicle flavour at Neh Neh Pop, which is also made in collaboration with Matchaya. Matcha ice-cream, Black Molasses, Houjicha and Matcha shell, Feuilletine and Toasted Sesame, the matcha flavour comes in several tones in this Popsicle for the use of both matcha and Houjicha; the usually bittersweet aroma of Matcha is wonderfully coupled with the roasty Houjicha here. The Feuilletine adds a biscuity crunch for the ice-cream which also matched perfectly in terms of flavour as well. Definitely something for matcha lovers to try if you have $8 to spare. (PS: always head to Neh Neh Pop beside Artichoke for the fresher Popsicles; the ones at indie markets tend to be stored too long and pretty off from the fresher ones in terms of texture.)
Xing Wei
; Cherry On! Favourite @nehnehpopsg of the lot deserves a second shoutout: Cherry Cheesecake Creamsicle 😘🍒🍦 Trust me, this gorgeous one tastes as good as it looks and will be at Wine Fiesta till Sunday! (hang in there it's almost the weekend!) Also wondering if this should become one of the 6 standard choices at @nehnehpopsg stockists islandwide.. thoughts? 8bucks/creamsicle #FTrecommends #nehnehpopsg
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