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Ferrero and Banana Creampie Crossaints Oh, for the love of crossaints. Pre-ordered a box of these delicious bakes, and boy was I torn amongst the innovative yet exquisite flavors on display. The pastries at Brotherbird are fun, visually attractive and generous in size. They also deliver in the taste department, made flaky and crusty, but slightly less buttery than a traditional crossaint- allowing the custard fillings to claim centre stage. Of my box of 6, the banana cream pie cruffin shone as it was generously pipped to the brim with a lucious creamy banana cream ganache, which I must applaud for its balance of fruity and milky notes. The flaky pasty was the perfect medium for the subtle-tasting cream, every bite was satisfying without being overwhelmingly rich. Another of notable mention is the Ferrero Crossaint- a timeless combination of chocolate coated crossaint filled with a viscous hazelnut rocher ganache. Biting through the crispy rocher ganache dusted with gold-colored flakes, layered sweet pastry and finally the flowy-middle- these were reminisent of good-old Krispy Kreme's nutella-filled donut, turned up a notch.
S’mores Waffle & Soft-serve Extremely rich and thick, a perfect guilty pleasure albeit a bit pricey. The ambiance in the cafe is stunning!
Good Even On Its Own Cookie butter soft serve ($6). 6 bucks for a soft serve, what?? But trust me, so so good with the biscuit and delectable crumbs given generously in the cup. Had the soft serve with their salted egg lava mochi before but eating it on its own really brings out the flavour of the cookie butter. Shoutout to their croissants as well which my boyfriend and I are a big fan of!
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Cha Cha From Neh Neh Pop ($8) I got it right this time! *cough*insidejoke*cough* This sexy little number combines two of my favorite Japanese 🇯🇵 teas into one icy, creamy package. Matcha and houjicha combined makes for a wonderful sensory experience, put that with the crispy shell and black molasses hidden inside and gives it this muted caramelized finish that I lurved 😍 Cha Cha is just one of many crazy ideas from @nehnehpopsg - think Mango Sticky Rice and Milo Dinosaur 🍦
Cha Cha The newest Popsicle flavour at Neh Neh Pop, which is also made in collaboration with Matchaya. Matcha ice-cream, Black Molasses, Houjicha and Matcha shell, Feuilletine and Toasted Sesame, the matcha flavour comes in several tones in this Popsicle for the use of both matcha and Houjicha; the usually bittersweet aroma of Matcha is wonderfully coupled with the roasty Houjicha here. The Feuilletine adds a biscuity crunch for the ice-cream which also matched perfectly in terms of flavour as well. Definitely something for matcha lovers to try if you have $8 to spare. (PS: always head to Neh Neh Pop beside Artichoke for the fresher Popsicles; the ones at indie markets tend to be stored too long and pretty off from the fresher ones in terms of texture.)
Xing Wei
; Cherry On! Favourite @nehnehpopsg of the lot deserves a second shoutout: Cherry Cheesecake Creamsicle 😘🍒🍦 Trust me, this gorgeous one tastes as good as it looks and will be at Wine Fiesta till Sunday! (hang in there it's almost the weekend!) Also wondering if this should become one of the 6 standard choices at @nehnehpopsg stockists islandwide.. thoughts? 8bucks/creamsicle #FTrecommends #nehnehpopsg
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