Pictured is the Uoboshi Tonkotsu Toriniku Ramen, which comes with slices of pork cheek and hints of fish stock. The dish that stole my heart was their Signature Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90), that comes with three different types of meat - Pork cheek, and two kinds of pork belly in different sauces. The meat was well done and the soup was hearty and just the right consistency. I would prefer my noodles a bit springier but everything else was just right. For a meal at RWS, it’s affordable and I would highly recommend.

From 11am to 7pm, Inaniwa Yosuke has one for one on set lunches. I prefer the cold udon as it’s slightly chewier and springy, but my partner preferred the hot udon because of the satisfying broth. The kaisen don was good too with sweet scallop and fresh salmon sashimi. Just wish they’d used sushi rice instead!

this is going to be one of my go to places to satisfy my Korean food cravings. The lunch sets are all $12 and super filling, with 4 ban chan, kimchi, and one drink. The lunch sets are stews, soups and bbq/grilled meat! Also tried the BBQ chicken, great for big eaters IMO as we were Super hungry but there was still almost half the plate left.

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Go luxe with your next coffeeshop meal at this Bishan stall specialising in Penang-style prawn noodles. What crowds come for are not the regular Prawn Noodles (from $4.50); they're all ready to splash out on lobsters instead! Try the Lobster Noodles with Clams ($26.50), and get the soupy version so you can slurp on the mild, delicate broth. The lobsters are fresh, and the homemade chilli sauce that's served on the side is great for dipping. If budget is not a concern, consider going all out with the Combo Noodles ($38.50), which includes lobsters, prawns, crayfish and clams. It's just the thing for shellfish enthusiasts.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler I makan Sg

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I had the tonkatsu bento, which came with a piece of tamago, mushroom rice and tonkatsu drizzled in teriyaki sauce. The mushroom rice reminded me a bit of sapo(?) fan, but it was slightly dry. Tonkatsu was alright, was a little disappointed they didn't allow add on of mentaiko/cheese for bentos, only ala carte. The egg wasn't as fluffy as expected. Overall, I felt it was rather mediocre and did not live up to the hype. My friend's pork belly was dry as well. I will give it another chance and try the Kani mayo, but for now I don't think it's worth $10. The puffs, on the other hand are pretty good! More about that in my next post.


First of, I really loved the atmosphere of the place, it was beautiful and a very good place to chill at. Food was great as well, I had the tuna and my friend had the salmon. Not usually a fan of cucumber but the miso cucumber had me scarfing down every mouthful. Best part is the prices are NETT! Will definitely be back to try the squid and also the matcha :)


Pictured - Nachos Bowl that comes with a hugeeee serving of pulled pork, stringy cheese, black beans, taco shells, and of course guacamole! Was not a huge fan of the tacos that tasted a bit too floury to me, but the toppings managed to save the day. I'd come back again for a Mex Fix.


You really can have the best of both worlds. Combining three different cheeses for that oozy melty texture, Alter Ego's newest creation is to die for - Pizza Fries. I could not stop reaching out for it. The cheese is creamy, stretchy and super addictive and the fries are crisp at the edges and soft in the centre just the way I like it. Alter ego might be one of my new favourite places, with its chill vibes and delicious food.


Out of the three flavours available for soft serve ice creams, it was a hard fight between this and Goldilocks! A generous serving of cheesecake (which was crumbly and moist), strawberries (juicy and sweet but not overwhelmingly so) and toasted marshmallows, everything went perfectly. The Smoreos flavour may be the most popular but sometimes it gets a bit jelat. Also perhaps sharing this would be best unless you are a champion eater!

Don't be put off by the black pudding, even if you're on a date. Your tastebuds will thank you for it a thousand times over. The full portion ($42) is around the size of my palm, and that first bite of creamy uni and umami pudding is good enough to bring you to tears. Now I know what the hype about this is all about, a must order when you come here.


At $17 for Shibuya Toast and double scoops of ice cream, it's certainly pricy. But I would say this is one of the better Shibuya Toasts I've had in Singapore, crisp at the edges and perfectly buttered. Was not a huge fan of the Oreos and marshmallows though, fruits would probably taste better. Ice cream was creamy and not too sweet as well. I will be back to try the lava toast!

Two of my favourites in one dish, what's not to love about it. Matcha lava cookie with a scoop of Speculoos ice cream ($8.50), both instagrammable and delicious. The cookie was chewy and soft, and went very well with the cinnamon crumble. Would eat ten of this (or not, but I wish I could)