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Work-it Espresso Martinis Loved the cool breeze and the clear skies which allowed us to see stars. Staff were friendly. At no.5 emerald hill I had to tell the staff to make my espresso martini less sweet but this place makes it just nice. It's my second time here and it is a real hidden gem with it's large variety if drinks available! (Even though I've only ever had the espresso martini)
Angus Striploin Steak ($29) Headed there for dinner but it is definitely more suited for drinks instead as there are only 8 mains (or large plates as they called it) available and when it gets dark, you can’t see your food much if you are seated near the sides (lighting is minimal and shine on the area near the bar instead). The food took a pretty long time to come and when the steak reached me, I was slightly disappointed to know that it wasn’t hot/warm. Portion was big though!
Black Angus Burger [$25++] Nice bar to chill at with great view (the cityscape is 💯)! Furthermore it's quite a secret local I must say cause I was having difficult finding my way there 😂 Downside is that there's no air con and it's outdoor so it will be pretty bad if it rains heavily. The food is great though. They served really amazing beef burger and the fries were so addictive. The beef is thick and juicy and the buns are nicely toasted. Don't mind having all these calories hehe (I would sacriFRIES my calories intake for you lol). Anyway you can catch a movie downstairs (which has air con haha). Would definitely go back again!
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So disappointing A decade ago, when I first started heading out for coffee, Oriole used to be my favourite café thanks to their amazing brews and MAD (macadamia, almond, and dates) milk. Fast forward to today though they no longer hold such a treasured spot in my heart. Where their espresso used to be bold and nutty, it’s now so bitter and (I’m guessing) burnt I couldn’t even get through half of my iced black. Where their MAD milk used to be extremely creamy and nutty with a hint of earthy sweetness, it now has a super unpleasantly muddy taste and none of that once amazing nuttiness. For coffee fortunately, we’ve got a lot of good stores around so it doesn’t feel as big of a loss. Can’t say the same for their MAD milk though, and if anyone could point me in a direction of an alternative I’ll be so so soooo grateful 😭
Never again. I remembered Oriole‘s sticky date pudding being really good years back, topped with miso caramel and a savoury crumble, so returning for that to find this was a little saddening 😢 The cake’s definitely a lot chewier and denser than it should be, and not in a good way, which could’ve been saved with good ice cream and sauce. Unfortunately the ice cream was super icy (I bit into literal chunks of ice), and the sauce was an odd paradox of tasting exceedingly diluted yet simultaneously starchy. Definitely the last time I’ll be having this.
Ginger Ale Fish And Chips($20) I am a huge fan of fish and chips and had to try Oriole's signiture ginger ale fish and chips. The service was excellent, friendly staff and the food took a short while to come conserdering the fact that the place was packed. 2 big pieces of delicious,sweet and juicy dory fish with a extrenely crispy light batter that sticks to the fish. Not to mention the fries were very crispy too
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